Triple Victory Sale

Triple Victory Sale

Tozando Triple Victory Sale

Want to compete alongside the very best?

Tozando's signature gear, used by the very best players Japan has to offer, is now on sale. We are celebrating that our Kiwami bogu has been used by two of Japan's best Kendoka to win the 2017 All Japan Championships, the Men's individuals of the 2018 World Kendo Championships and the 2018 All Japan Police Championships. In this Triple Victory Sale - some of our finest products; well known and used by the best Kendoka across Japan and the world, are up for grabs at fantastic prices.
Take this opportunity to invest in some of the best gear available - this sale will run until the start of the All Japan Championships on November the 3rd. Grab yourself a bargain and get training!
Ando Sho wearing Tozando Kiwami Kendo Bogu at World Kendo Championship 2018

Equipment used by elite practitioners, available to everyone!

Tozando has a long history of supporting the Kendo community, both domestically and internationally.
Not only do we build upon traditional techniques and practices, but we incorporate innovative design so that Kendoka can get the most out of their equipment. This is why many of Japan's greatest players choose to use our bogu and shinai. Last year's All Japan championships winner Nishimura Hidehisa personally uses our Kiwami bogu, alongside this year's Men's Individual Champion Ando Sho.
These top-performing Kendoka like Ando Sho, Yamamoto Mariko and Nishimura Hidehisa, all know how even the smallest opportunity can make a difference and need equipment that can keep up. That is why they rely on Tozando's ingenuity and craftsmanship. Furthermore, these elite practitioners, alongside renowned Sensei, often collaborate with Tozando to make unique products - check out Yamamoto Mariko's custom Kote, which she designed along with our craftsmen for her appearance in the 2013 All Japan Champions, she went on to win the tournament that year.

Get yourself kitted out alognside the best of the best this Autumn for unbelievable prices with our Crowning Achievement Sale. Read more below to see what is on offer.
Order Your Kiwami Kendo Bogu Now!
Tominaga Hinano wearing Tozando Kendo Bogu at World Kendo Championship 2018

Get your hands on the Kendogu used by the best practitioners in the world.

At unbeatable discounts!

The highlight of the sale is the Kiwami Bogu - used by Ando Sho in the finals of the individuals, both Ando and Nishimura when teams and once again by Nishimura in his victory at the All Japan Police Kendo Championships this year as well as his victory in the all Japan Championships last year. This is a tried and tested set of armour that has accompanied its wearers to the very pinnacle of Kendo performance.

The Kiwami is joined by stand-out choices form the rest of our wide range, including our classic Tora Kote - ergonomically designed to give you the responsiveness and mobility you need with a perfect grip. Also the Hayabusa Jissengata Shinai - a lively and agile shinai, of the same design used by Nishimura Hidehisa. We believe every piece of kendogu has its place and a practitioner should buy equipment to suit their needs. Not only are we including our premium and specialised equipment like the Kinsei Mine Bogu or Tokuren Koto Shinai - we are also including equipment that is perfect for everyday keiko like our Gudou Kote and Deluxe Pitch Orizashi Bogu.

There are great opportunities for Kendoka of all levels, invest in your Kendo and see the returns. As soon as the All Japan Championships begin on the 3rd of November the sale will end - so act fast!
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