Tozando's New Year Shinken of Fortune

Tozando's New Year Shinken of Fortune

Order $300 and win a real Tanto!

The above Tanto is an example only. The real Tanto will look different.

This New Year is your chance to win a genuine Japanese sword!

The New Year is celebrated across the world, but here in Japan we particularly treasure this time. Especially when it comes to giving and receiving gifts, as well as resolving yourself to rise to the challenges of the year ahead. This year is special for Tozando, as it marks our 30th Anniversary - for three decades we have been working to bring Japanese budo equipment to the world, it is definitely time to celebrate! Who better to celebrate with, than our loyal customers?
In the spirit of Japanese New Year tradition, we will present some lucky customers with an unforgettable gift. To children we traditionally give 'Otoshidama' - an auspicious envelope with a folded note of money within. However considering our mission, we think it is far more appropriate to offer you the chance to win a Shinken - an authentic example of Japanese swordcraft. That's right; this New Year you have the chance to win a genuine Japanese blade!

The above is the actual Tanto that will be won by one lucky customer!

The gift of a lifetime

Swords have long held a great significance in Japan and form an important part of many budo - be that Kendo, Iaido or even Aikido. Traditionally, members of the samurai caste, were to always carry blades. Whilst the daisho pair of the Katana and Wakizashi are the most famous, the smaller tanto and kaiken. Such was their significance that they were reserved for the most important of gifts and occasions. When a samurai woman entered a new family through marriage her family would give her a kaiken (pocket tanto) as a final farewell.
To celebrate our 30 years in business and the auspicious New Year we are giving you the chance to own a piece of unique Japanese craftsmanship. Any order over $300.00 - from any of our supported martial arts products - will be entered into a draw to win a genuine Japanese Tanto. The first runner-up will then receive a genuine antique Tsuba, whilst our second runner-up will win genuine antique sword-fittings (fuchi, kashira and menuki).
These are more than tools and training equipment, these are true cultural artefacts upon which our modern budo practices were built, shared in a gift-giving tradition. We value the bond between us and our customers and want to express our gratitude in a significant way. So take the opportunity to celebrate with us and perhaps you will be blessed with a gift of a lifetime!

The Tanto features beautiful details.

Any order over $300.00 has the chance to win

Anyone who orders products with a combined value of over $300.00 will be automatically entered int to the draw. We will be accepting entrants until the 21st of February (the end of the traditional New Year). All orders over $300.00 made before the 22nd will be eligible for the draw.
The winner, first runner-up and second runner-up will be determined through a random draw based on order number once all eligible orders have been confirmed and checked. Only the goods value of an order will be counted, shipping costs will not be counted towards your order total.
Now is the time to get yourself something new, not only will you end up with some fabulous new gear, but you could be one of the lucky ones that wins a genuine Japanese blade!
Keep your eyes peeled for announcements as the blade and fittings in question will be revealed soon!

Terms & Conditions

  • Only orders made up until 23:59:59 JST will be considered eligible for the draw.
  • Eligible orders will contain products whose total equals or exceeds $300.00 USD.
  • Shipping costs do not count towards the eligible total.
  • Values paid for through Reward Point gift Certificates will not be counted.
  • Gift Certificates bought separately as a present will be counted towards the $300.00 total.
  • Orders with a Dojo Partnership discount or Retail Partner Discount will not be eligible.
  • The winner will be decided by a random draw out of a hat of eligible order numbers. The results will be announced on the 22nd of February in our Tozando Newsletter. The winners will be contacted on that day and have a week to reply accepting their prize. We will then publish the winners fully in the following weeks newsletter.
  • Tozando will handle the de-registration and export of the Tanto if it is to be delivered to a country other than Japan.
  • Any duties and taxes incurred by the winners' local customs authorities are to be covered by the recipient.
  • The Tanto will be shipped via Fed-Ex only.

A treasure like no other

Owning a real shinken is a dream for many. Not only due to their expense, but also rarity. Strict limits are placed on the prodcution of these valuable artefacts so getting hold of a genuine example is very difficult. Whilst sharpened imitation swords are availalbe widely outside of Japan, production of imitiations inside Japan is strictly forbidden. Every shinken owner takes great pride in the fact that they are looking after a piece of Japanese tradition, culture and history. Each blade has a legacy that will carry on and is meant to be handed down.
Now we wish to hand one down to one of you, so don't miss this opportunity, because in all likelihood it will never come round again! You have until the 21st of February so sieze the opportunity whilst you still can!
Japanese sword's Fuchigane and Tsukagashira fitting ornaments

The above fitting ornaments are examples only. The real prizes will look different.