- The Road to Kyoto Butokuden 2017 -

Veronika Orasch (Switzerland), winner of the 10th Edition of Tozando's "Win a Trip to Japan" Experience.
On the right picture, she poses with (left to right) Hidehisa Nishimura (2017 All Japan Champion), Daiki Kiwada (2012 All Japan Champion), her companion Matthieu and Takahiko Kimura (Tozando President).

See you all next year for "Win a Trip to Japan XI"!

It was a short but intense experience for this year's winner, Veronika Orash, coming from Switzerland, for a packed 3 days of training and international friendship around Budo practice.
After a warm-up session with Tozando Kendo team at Shiga prefectural Budokan, en route the next day for the legendary old Kyoto Butokuden for an intensive boot camp training with lots of prestigious guests. Among those was Kiwada Sensei, who does us the great honor of leading practice since last edition. We also had the pleasure to welcome this year's All Japan Kendo champion, Hidehisa Nishimura.
We hope our guests made lifetime memory here, and brought home some precious insights for the benefit of their practice, along with President Kimura's message of Tozando's mission on helping spread the Budo around the world.

Thank you to all the Nominees for this year:

  • Willem Riesenkamp(The Netherlands)
  • Paul Manogue(USA)
  • Thomas Hooper(USA)
  • Jean-Paul Fournier(France)
  • Chretien Simons(The Netherlands)
  • Marko Lukic(Croatia)
  • Marco Guerini(Italy)
  • Thi Phan(USA)
  • Katherine Cenci(USA)
  • Keegan Almeida(Australia)
  • Traian Adrian Ionescu(Romania)
  • Robert Cochran(USA)
  • Boon How Khor(Malaysia)
  • Gianluca Barbagallo(Italy)

And to all the participants: thank you for your confidence and continued patronage!

We hope to see you in Kyoto soon.

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