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Tozando 2018 Essay Contest

The contest has now come to a close and we are excited to announce our winners and their submissions! Their articles will soon be available to view on our blog.

The Tozando 2018 Essay Contenst Winners

  • The Olympics and Budo: a Questionable Mix - by Tyler Duffield
  • Kendo Game Theory - by Miguel Garcia
  • Kendo as a Way of Life - by Mihai Dutescu
  • Meditation in Motion - by Ronald Leong
  • Kendo and What it Means to Us - by Arash, Hourmazd and Siavash Zeini


  • We are looking for article submissions, to be published on Tozando's Blog, under your name.
  • Their theme must be centered around Japanese Budo culture, practice, equipment, history and personal experiences that stand out from the crowd.
  • Articles about general Japanese culture and history, relevant to Budo practice, can be submitted aswell.
  • The article must be written in English.
  • Articles must be an original, previously unpublished work (this of course includes online publication).
  • An article should be a minimum of 300 words.
  • Pictures are welcome as long as you hold the copyright.

How to Enter

This year's entry has ended.


In principle, articles must be submitted as PDF files, to give the general layout of the article.
If your article is selected, we might ask for original HQ files for illustrations and images, for publication purposes.

Submission Deadline

All submissions must arrive at Tozando Headquarters by January 6, 2019, attached in pdf format.

Review and Selection

Submissions will be reviewed by our Board of Editors, composed of expert consultants (experienced budoka and press professionals) as well as Tozando staff members.


  • Up to 5 articles will be selected for publication. Their authors will receive 100 Reward Points, redeemable on our Online Shop, equivalent to a purchase $100.00 (USD) in value .
  • The Board of Editors may choose to award a special 200 points prize to an article considered to be of outstanding quality.


  • Entry implies your agreement on publishing your content on Tozando Blog( http://weblog.tozando.com), and advertising it on social networks.
  • If you are selected for publication, the Board of Editors might suggest editorial modifications or corrections. Failure to come to a mutual agreement on such modifications might result in the deselection of a submission.
  • General layout of the submitted file may be adapted to fit the constraints of our publishing platform.
  • In principle, one author cannot submit one article in several installments to increase their number of submissions. The Board of Editors will have to agree that a series constitutes separate articles and not one article in installments. Articles in installments will be considered as one.
  • Tozando Group employees cannot enter the contest.
  • Reward Points prizes cannot be converted into actual currency, and are to be used as is.


The winners are selected and announced on January 15, 2019.