-Though it is a small step, it is one that we should take-

Tozando Corona Countermeasures
In the closing months of 2019 the Corona Virus was discovered and has since spread across the world affecting the health and lives of innumerous people.
Taking preventative measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, Tozando is taking all available action by having more than 60 % of our staff take part in social distancing by remaining at home.
As a part of these measures (although our numbers are limited) we would like to distribute masks we have in our possession to individuals with each item we are sending out.
Let us all overcome this together.
In closing, we wish to give our deepest sympathies to anyone who has lost someone as a result of the Corona Virus (Covid-19).
To all those who have contracted the virus or those who know someone who has, we hope for a speedy recovery and also wish to give our sincere gratitude to front-line medical workers who are working so diligently to keep us safe and flatten the curve.
*We have had inquiries to whether Tozando would be able to produce our own masks. While masks being made from Iai Hakama materials have been produced, we have decided to keep the health of our employees a priority by having them maintain social distancing at home. We humbly ask for your understanding.