The Tozando Cashback Campaign
All orders over $300 will have the chance to win their entire value back in reward points!

Entry into the Cashback Campaign is now closed! Thank you to all those who participated, we are now deciding the winners!

All orders over $300 have the chance to win their value in reward points back, that's your whole order for free! 10 lucky winners will be chosen at random from all orders made until September 30 that are $300 or more and have been fully paid for by the time the campaign ends. One person will win first place and get their whole order's value back, but nine other lucky winners will also get reward points as follows!

Grand Prize - 1 Person - 100% Order value back in Reward Points

2nd Place - 3 People - 50% Order value back in Reward Points

3rd Place - 6 People - 30% Order value back in Reward Points

Finally an extra 10 runners up will receive a unique coupon code that gives them a 10% discount off their next order!

The campaign is on only until the end of September so make sure you make the most of the opportunity. Get yourself some amazing new gear and be in with the chance to get it all for free. Will you be one of the lucky 10 winners?

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for the chance to win, the order value must match or exceed $300.00 and must be paid in full by the end of the promotion. The order value does not include shipping costs, but Free Shipping items do count towards the total.
  • All qualifying orders made before 17:00 on September the 30th Japanese Standard Time will be entered into a random draw.
  • Each qualifying order will use it's order number, which will then be entered into a random draw to determine the winners.
  • 10 winners will then be chosen at random using the above method in the first week of October. The winning accounts will then be randomly sorted again to determine the Grand Prize, Second Place and Third Place winners. Winners will then be notified via email using the address used to make the original order.
  • One these winners have been confirmed another 10 qualifying orders will be randomly drawn in the same manner and receive a special 10% Discount Coupon Code for their next order. This will not have a time limit, but will be one use only and cannot be combined with other Coupon Codes or promotions.
  • Winners will receive their order value in Reward Points, credited to their Tozando Online Shop accounts. These points may be spent as desired and will be immediately added to the accounts' current reward point total on Monday.