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When you begin Kyudo, first you will need yugake gloves and giriko powder. Over time you will replace your yumi bow and ya arrows, however your yukage is said to be something that will last a lifetime, so make sure to select one that fits your hand exactly.
Giriko is necessary for both stopping slipping and increasing friction, and is an indispensable item for shooting arrows. A muneate breast plate, or chest guard, is a safety item for women or anyone with a broad chest. Also, be sure stock a spare tsuru string in your tsurumaki reel in case of breakage during training.
Check our wide assortment of items related to kyudo, from DVDs and books to obi belts, hakama drying hangers, and cases to store your giriko and ya.
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Ya Carrying Case Rattan Ya carrying case Standard Yugake Glove
Rattan Ya Carrying Case
Our Price: $399.10
Standard Yugake Glove
Our Price: $227.30

Giriko Powder Case Muneate Giriko Powder
Giriko Powder Case
Our Price: $9.00

Giriko Powder for Kyudo
Our Price: $9.00

Deluxe Yugake Glove Rattan Tsurumaki Hakama Drying Hanger
Deluxe Yugake Glove
Our Price: $452.75

Rattan Tsurumaki (Large)
Our Price: $16.40

Hakama Drying Hanger
Our Price: $15.00

Tsuru Cotton Black Obi for Kyudo Extendable Budo Gi/Hakama Drying Hanger
Tsuru (Syntetic/Hemp)
Our Price: $17.30

Cotton Black Obi for Kyudo
Our Price: $25.00


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