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Kendo Men

When choosing a kendo men, choosing one that fits well is the most important. If you use a mask that doesn’t fit well, it’s hard to maintain good posture and you may develop bad habits that take a long time to break. It may be hard to get the correct measurements if you do it yourself. Be sure to ask someone else to help you with getting the correct measurements. >>>Read more
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A-1 Alpha IBB Safety Guard Kendo Men Combining its patented high protection futon alongside our signature expertise, this Men is not only incredibly protective, but also easy to wear and move-in. Deluxe 5mm Fit-stitched Neo-Leather Kendo Men
A-1 Alpha IBB Safety Guard Kendo Men
List Price: $350.00
Our Price: $315.00
Sale Price: $163.75

Shudo - High Protection Tornado-stitch Men
Our Price: $234.95
Launch Price $195.24

Deluxe 5mm Fit-stitched Neo-Leather Kendo Men
List Price: $500.00
Our Price: $425.00
Sale Price: $212.50

BioCLEAN 4mm Fit-stitch Men Mitsuboshi ISG 8mm Orizashi Fit-stitch Men A-1 Alpha Mk. II Kendo Men with High-Vision Mengane
BioCLEAN 4mm Fit-stitch Men
Our Price: $317.30
Sale Price: $222.11
Mitsuboshi ISG 8mm Orizashi Fit-stitch Men
List Price: $292.58
Our Price: $185.54

For selecting your kendo men, note that they are divided into hand stitched and machine stitched. Hand stitched has better shock absorption, but machine stitched are cheaper while still maintaining high quality. Choose one that best suits your needs and budget.
In either case, it’s important to pay attention to the stitch length and distance. The distance between the stitches on the futon is important. As it gets smaller, the futon material gets compressed and the shock absorption is reduced.
With larger distance between the stitches, the thickness is preserved along with the shock absorption. If you look only at the shock absorption, bogu with a wider stitch distance is recommended for beginners.
During examinations, your gear and the impression you give can be important. Bogu with wider distance between stitches has a more refined look and can give you more presence.
The materials used, especially for the kendo men pad, are also an important point to consider. There are a few to choose from: orizashi, an indigo dyed quilted fabric, Clarino synthetic leather, and indigo dyed deerskin leather.
Orizashi breathes well and allows for sweat to dry fast. It also is very elastic and soft, so it’s easy to break in. It’s often recommended for practice or for beginners.
Synthetic leather is reinforced to be strong against friction and sweat, but because it is dyed synthetically the color can fade with use and there can be a large difference in color between the synthetic leather and the fabric on the mask.
Deerskin leather is fine grained and dyed indigo, so it has a high-quality feel and is the most impressive looking bogu.
At Tozando, we have many types of high quality bogu made by our highly trained craftsmen. We also have many kendoka on our staff, including a 7-dan instructor, who help with product development. We strive every day to develop and create new, well-loved kendo products.