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It is necessary to purchase a tsuba hand guard if your replace your shinai or bokken or if the tsuba is damaged. Three points to consider when selecting a tsuba include price, design and the material. You can enjoy using your preferred design during regular keiko training, however during a shiai competition, a simple brown coloured tsuba is recommended.
Keep in mind also that there are differences between the thickness of some shinai and the inner diameter or size of the tsuba. When choosing a tsubadome stopper, the most important consideration is making sure it secures the tsuba firmly in place.
Our best-selling tsubadome is the Super Static Tsubadome for Shinai that gives an excellent secure fit, and it is highly recommended for anyone who is concerned about their tsuba moving around.
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Large Deluxe Rubber Tsubadome Deerskin Tsubadome for Shinai Plastic Tsuba for Bokken
Deerskin Tsubadome for Shinai
Our Price: $9.40

Plastic Tsuba for Bokken
Our Price: $2.40

Competition Rubber Tsubadome Rubber Tsubadome for Bokken Rubber Tsubadome
Rubber Tsubadome for Bokken
Our Price: $1.40

Super Static Tsubadome Kurozan Sewn Shinai Tsuba White Leather Tsuba for Shinai
White Leather Tsuba for Shinai
Our Price: $21.00

Super-Deluxe Sewn Leather Tsuba for Shinai Standard Leather Tsuba for Bokken Color Tsuba
Free Shipping Tsuba Set For Bokken Free Shipping Tsuba Set For Bokken Sewn Two-Thread Tsuba for Shinai

Leather, plastic and rubber tsuba and tsubadome for Shinai, buy sets and more.

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