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My country is not listed in the shipping option.
That is no problem, we can still process an order for you, however, you will need to place your order by email. Simply email us, using the form below including the details of the product you would lik
How much is the shipping?
You can instantly calculate the price of shipping to your country by simply placing an item in your shopping cart!
I want to buy a basic iaido. What is the shipping method and wait time for shipping to France?
Shipping to France is $30 USD, and delivery usually takes 5 to 7 days.
Are there shipping options besides DHL for Brazil?
We can ship via EMS, but the free shipping offer does not apply to customer-requested carriers.
Is shipping free to Argentina for Bogu sets?
Free shipping to Argentina is available for some items, but this does not include taxes or duties you may be liable for.
Are all the products on your site eligible for free shipping?
In answer to your question, free shipping only applies to Bogu sets, Bokken, and Iaito as well as some campaign/outlet sales products. When we say "free shipping" it means free shipping for you but in
Can I have a purchased item shipping to an address other than my own?
Yes, we can ship to other addresses if noted in the order comments.
I haven't received the item I ordered. Are there special shipping restrictions for Russia?
The reason why your parcel was not delivered is because you did not or could not provide the Russian customs with the necessary documents. To import an Iaito to Russia, you need to receive an authoriz
My order has been sitting at processing since a while now. Is it in progress or is there an issue?
Our order system doesn't have many status. It is limited to "Awaiting Payment", "Pending", Processing" and "Shipped". Processing simply means that your order is being taken care of.
I plan to visit Tozando and want to pick up my order. Tell me how?
When checking out the shopping cart, please choose "in-store pick up" in the shipping and write your visiting day in Order Comments box. We will get back to you then for more details.
What if I need to return something?
If you need to return something to us we will need to know the reason why. If you are sent the wrong item or a product is deemed to be defective we will cover the cost of the return shipping and the s
What are the additional fees and wait time for Ukraine orders?
Shipping to Ukraine takes 7 to 10 days, and additional fees include customs duty and/or import taxes.
How do I opt for in-store pickup when purchasing an item?
At checkout, enter an address, click "show shipping options," and in-store pickup should be selectable.
How can I track the shipment of my order with EMS?
We will provide you with a tracking number. It may take EMS up to 12 hours to place your tracking number in their system.
Do you provide further order status updates after purchase confirmation?
Yes, we will update the status of your order once it has shipped.
Will I be responsible for any customs fees or import taxes?
Regarding the customs fee or import taxes, these depend on the laws of the country you reside in. As we are a company based in Japan, we not know the specifics of the import laws or tax rates in other
I was supposed to receive my package via UPS. I missed delivery a few times, but now they've stopped coming to my home.
If UPS has been unable to deliver your parcel on several occasions, standard policy requires that they await further instructions before attempting another delivery to you. You need to contact UPS in
I was charged extra by UPS when I received my order. What happened?
We believe that this fee that you had to pay was handling fee's that UPS charges for taking care of the customs for the customers. This is called "brokerage fee", and this has to be done sometimes wh
Do you deliver to P.O. Box?
Only EMS does. Please select EMS for shipping method when filling in the order form.
When will my order ship?
Soon after placing your order, an Estimated Shipping Date will be assigned and displayed in the order details, this usually takes around 24 hours, as we have to check our stock levels. Please note, th