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My country is not listed in the shipping option.
That is no problem, we can still process an order for you, however you will need to place your order by email. Simply email us, using the form below including the details of the product you would like
Can I place a custom order outside of the listed options for a product, such as sword length?
There are times where special requests can be granted, but to maintain the integrity and quality of products, usually the options already listed on product pages are all that we are able to honor.
Can I order an item in a color not listed in the options on your site?
Unfortunately, if a color is not listed as an option on the product page, we are unable to fulfill that request.
What are my payment options?
Tozando can accept payment from international customers with the following methods: Credit Card: We accept payment via VISA, MasterCar and American Express credit cards for international customers
Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we ship to your country and most other countries in the world. If your country can be found in the "country" list when inputting your shipping information on the shopping cart page, then ther
I already have an iaito, can I buy a saya only?
Yes, we provide saya also as an individual. Please let us know what kind of saya you are interested in from our website and the specifications of the Iaito you intend to use it with. We will get back
I would like a bokken engraved with my name. How can I order this?
We provide engraving option for bokken. It is charged 150 JPN per character and two colors; balck and red are available. If you leave order comments when filling in the order form, we will revise your
Can you translate my name into Kanji?
Our staff are able to translate your name into Japanese Kanji, this is generally done by selecting Kanji which use the same phonetic sound (Ateji). However, if you wanted to use a particualr set of Ka
Do you offer different balance options for your Iaito?
The balance tends to be quite similar on all our Iaito. Most tsuba have a similar weight. Our Iaito are made in such a way that the point of balance is set further from the kissaki and closer to the t
What are my payment options?
We accept several different forms of payment for orders. First is payment by credit card - we accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. Next, we accept payment via International Postal Money Orde
For your Sageo color options, what is the difference between Light green and Uguisu (Light green)?
It seems there was an error in the color description for the Sageo. Light green and Uguisu is the same color.
The Tozando website keeps glitching when I try to select custom options. What should I do?
If you are having problems with the website, try to use a different browser.
What Are My Payment Options?
Tozando can accept payment from international customers with the following methods: Credit Card: We accept payment via VISA, MasterCar and American Express credit cards for international c
How do I opt for in-store pickup when purchasing an item?
At checkout, enter an address, click "show shipping options," and in-store pickup should be selectable.
What is required to use the financing plan?
Regarding the Financing plan, anyone can use this option when placing an order at Tozando. However, it can only be used on orders for Bogu, Iaito or Yoroi and cannot be used on orders for products
I tried to place an order, but my credit card was declined.
In this kind of situation, we usually advise customers to contact their credit card company or bank. Most of the time credit card companies have security measures to prevent unusual and sudden transac
Can I pickup my order in your store?
Yes. Simply choose "In-Store Pickup"" in the shipping method field when checking out your order and you can pick up your order at any of our stores. Please note that we do not always have all prod
Which shipping company do you use?
Tozando mainly uses the following shipping companies, when shipping orders internationally: UPS(normally takes 2-4 business days) DHL(normally takes around 3-5 business days) EMS(takes around 3-5
Is there any lightweight Tare available
Here are two kind of lightweight Tare: 1) The 4mm Tokuren Tare Specially designed to be light weight using a fukuronui style of edging which trims off the unecessary weight of the herikawa alongsi
What is the length and weight of your naginata?
All of our naginata are about 850g and around 200cm. White oak is heavier than red oak. Here are 2 exemples of white oak naginata: Jikishinkage Ryu Naginata White Oak Length: 6 shaku 5 sun (ab