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What is IBB Mengane?
IBB stands for "ideal best balance" and refers to a particualr type of Mengane which has been specially balanced to give the best feel. Essentially the center of balance for an IBB Mengane is set 7 mm
Can I request adjustments to iaito after I place an order? Would there be any difference in cost?
Yes, it is possible to request adjustments after you place an order, but please note that some adjustments may require additional cost.
Can I pay in cash?
You can make payment for your order in Cash, in the currency of your choosing. Simply send it to us by recorded mail to the address below. However, this is done at your own risk and we are NOT respons
What freight company are you using for shipment?
You can select one between UPS and EMS. UPS normally takes 2-4 business days, and EMS 3-5 days.
I accidentally closed the window during the ordering process, and sent my payment separately. Can I confirm you received my payment for the order?
Yes, we can confirm whether or not your order was successfully received.
Can you provide further product details such as measurements prior to ordering?
Yes, please contact us if you need more information on an item that isn't listed.
I would like to purchase an Iaido set and I'm unsure of sizing. I'm over 6 feet tall and 225 pounds. What size Gi and Hakama do you recommend?
We recommend a tailor-made Gi and Hakama for a person of your size.
Which bokken do you recommend for contact training?
If you intend to use the bokken for contact training, I would recommend that you get the “Sunuke Bokken Deluxe Long”, since it is a high quality bokken. It's a bit heavier that your standard Bokken, b
I am goint to pay by wire transfer. However the total price has increased compared to the day I got my invoice. Should I pay more?
No, you can still stck to the amount appeared on the invoice. Since the currency rate is revised on a daily basis, the total price in JPY could be slightly different from the time you were issued an i
Do I need a license to import Iaito sword to my country?
Because the Iaito sword is declared as an imtiation sword, no license is needed in many countries. However, the UK customer need to obtain the certificate from BKA due to the UK's law.
Do you ship to US Army Bases?
Please choose EMS or if you prefer to ship by UPS, write the local address. UPS cannot ship to the APO address of US army bases.
How do I wash Gi and Hakama ?
Hand-washing and drying in the shade is strongly recommended. If you would like to machine-wash the Gi and Hakama, please make sure to choose the gentlest cycle and use a neutral detergent. Please be
Can I request to change some features of original iaito?
Yes, we accept modificatios of iaito. Fisrt please inquire us about availability for that model. And when ordering you can leave order comments to notify us of the modifications.
All himo and chichikawa are included in the bogu set?
Yes. Men and Do himo, Tenugui towel, and Chichikawa are all included in the bogu set.
I would like a bokken engraved with my name. How can I order?
We provide engraving option for bokken. It is charged 150 JPN per syllable and two colors of balck and red available. If you leave order comments when filling in the order form, we will revise your in
My order has been sitting at processing since a while now. Is it in progress or is there an issue?
Our order system doesn't have many status. It is limited to "Awaiting Payment", "Pending", Processing" and "Shipped". Processing simply means that your order is being taken care of.
I plan to visit Tozando and want to pick up my order. Tell me how?
When checking out the shopping cart, please choose "in-store pick up" in the shipping and write your visiting day in Order Comments box. We will get back to you then for more details.
How can I track the shipment of my order with EMS?
We will provide you with a tracking number. It may take EMS up to 12 hours to place your tracking number in their system.
I am looking for an hakama whose bottom hem have same lenght front and back.
We provide tailoring option for many of items. You can simply leave order comments of how you like to adjust. One of our sales representative will get back to you with quotation.
Can I pay by Western Union?
Western Union no longer have a collection branch in Kyoto, and the minimum withdrawal limit in Japan is 800,000 JPY. Therefore we are unable to accept payment by Western Union.