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How do I maintain an Iaito sword ?
After each use, clean the blade surface with a soft cloth or tissue paper; removing dust, fingerprints and any marks. Wipe the blade upward, one way, starting from the base to avoid any injury. If
Can you repair my Kendo Bogu?
We offer a Kendo Bogu repair service. Tozando's Bogu craftsman are happy to receive items for repair. This includes Bogu bought from other suppliers. The repair fee varies depending on the nature and
How do I maintain Bokken?
Wipe the surface of the Bokken with a dry and soft cloth after each use. Once every couple of months, you may apply a very small amount of natural oil; such as camellia oil, walnut oil, or even vegeta
How should I wash my dyed hakama?
We always recommend our customers to wash their hakama by hand, as washing in the washing machine causes damage and excessive shrinkage to the fabric. The proper hand-washing technique for Hakama woul
Can I sharpen an Iaito?
All our Iaito are blunt and cannot be sharpened without doing serious damage to the blades. This is because in Japan the sale of swords is very strictly controlled and only true Nihonto that are certi
What is IBB BioClean?
BioClean is a treatment, which has an outstanding ability to kill bacteria, and eliminate odor – particularly in the areas of the Bogu where perspiration is absorbed the most, particularly the men and
I'm not sure of what Hakama to choose for Aikido what do you recommend?
For hot training sessions we would recommend these synthetic Bioclean Hakama(can be used in winter too) They use natural anti-bacterial fibres to help keep them clean, dry quickly and also feature al
Which kendo gi is best for my beginner training?
Chemical fiber kendo gi are much harder to wrinkle than cotton, making maintenance easy. Because of this, tetron kendo gi are good choices for beginners.