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How do I correctly measure the blade length of an Iaito?
The proper way to measure the blade length or the "nagasa" of an Iaito is to measure from the mune-machi to the tip of the blade. So if an Iaito is 2.45 Shaku, it means that the blade is 2.45 Shaku fr
What is the proper way to measure the Iaito's blade length?
The proper way to measure the blade length or the "Nagasa" of an Iaito is to measure from the Mune-machi to the tip of the blade. So if an Iaito is 2.45Shaku, it means that the blade is 2.45Shaku from
I am looking for hakama whose bottom hem have the same length front and back.
We provide tailoring option for many of items. You can simply leave order comments of how you like to adjust. One of our sales representative will get back to you to discuss this further and if any ad
What is the length and weight of your naginata?
All of our naginata are about 850g and around 200cm. White oak is heavier than red oak. Here are 2 exemples of white oak naginata: Jikishinkage Ryu Naginata White Oak Length: 6 shaku 5 sun (ab
What is the weight of the TOZANDO SUZAKU Custom Iaito length 2.45 Shaku?
TOZANDO SUZAKU Custom Iaito length 2.45 Shaku blade weights around 670 g. The whole sword is around 900 g.
How do I choose the proper length of my Iaito?
We usually recommend you to consider your height and what length is appropriate for your practice. However everyone's ideal length is different and can be dictated by many factors, so it is good start
How are Yoroi-gata Kote different from normal Kote?
Yoroi-gata Kote feature different kazari ito stiching on the head of the kote. These braids form two lines that go down the length of the grip, not jsut across. This changes the feel of the Kote; rath
What is the approximate weight of a 2.45 shaku length Suzaku series iaito?
The approximate weight for Suzaku series Iaito with 2.45 shaku blade would approximately be 810 to 830 g.
Can I place a custom order outside of the listed options for a product, such as sword length?
There are times where special requests can be granted, but to maintain the integrity and quality of products, usually the options already listed on product pages are all that we are able to honor.
For the Standard Shinai Tsukagawa Leather, I use a mens 37 and i would like to get a shorter Tsukagawa. If i order a 34 or 36, are they smaller?
The smaller sizes are indeed shorter in length. Your desired length is considerably shorter than the 31cm of the 37 so you would be looking at a 34 to get close to 25cm.
I'm looking for an excellent Iaito, any recommendations?
Here are two fantastic Iaito: Suzaku Custom: Tozando Custom:
Can I get a longer iaito?
We can extend the length of your iaito, at an additional fee.