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I would like to order embroidery but what is Katakana or Kanji? And how can I translate my name into them?
Katakana is one of the Japanese scripts, mainly used to write foreign loan words. You can refer to the following website to see the katakana image of your name
I lwant to order an embroidery but I don't know how to describe my name to Katakana.
Please refer to the following website to see the katakana image of your name; Otherwise, you can request us to convert it by leaving a comment in the order fo
For using my name in customization, do I have to provide katakana conversion, or are you able to do it?
Yes we can convert your name in to katakana on our side, but guidance is preferred as we may mispronounce your name. Please clearly state that you would like to have your name converted to katakana an
Can You Translate My Name Into Kanji?
Our staff are able to translate your name into Japanese Kanji, this is generally done by selecting Kanji which use the same phonetic sound (Ateji). However, if you wanted to use a particualr set of Ka
What types of embroidery do you offer?
1) Free embroidery (up to 10 characters - alphabet, katakana or kanji) on belt end This type is visible on both sides of the belt. 2) Sakiire (JPY1,500 for up to 5 characters - alphabet, katakana