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I already have an iaito, can I buy a saya only?
Yes, we provide saya also as an individual. Please let us know what kind of saya you are interested in from our website and the specifications of the Iaito you intend to use it with. We will get back
Can I request to change some features of original iaito?
We accept requests for modifications of iaito, but the craftsmen reserve final say as to whether the request is possible. First please inquire us about the availability for that model. When ordering y
Do I need a license to import Iaito sword to my country?
Because the Iaito sword is declared as an imitation sword, no license is needed in most countries. However, UK customers need to obtain a certificate from the British Kendo Association due to the UK's
Can I cut something with Iaito?
Although the blade is made of special reinforced alloy, it is not designed for the cutting purpose. Therefore, do not attempt to cut with Iaito.
How do I maintain an Iaito sword ?
After each use, clean the blade surface with a soft cloth or tissue paper; removing dust, fingerprints and any marks. Wipe the blade upward, one way, starting from the base to avoid any injury. If
Does your iaito have bo-hi?
Yes. All of our iaito on the website have bo-hi. Howevere no bo-hi option is also available on certain models.
Can I request adjustments to an iaito after I place an order? Would there be any difference in cost?
It is possible to make adjustments to an iaito after an order has been made. However please bear in mind that some elements cannot be changed as the order progresses. Some adjustments will increase th
How similar are your Iaito to Shinken?
We strive to make our Iaito as close to Shinken as possible. The main differences are the material used and the making of the blade. Shinken blades are made of steel and crafted the same way as they w
Is it possible to request custom fitted Fuchi/Kashira for my Iaito?
It is possible to request custom fittings for your Iaito order, but these will increase the production cost. If you are interested in such fittings, when you place an order for your Iaito, please writ
How do I correctly measure the blade length of an Iaito?
The proper way to measure the blade length or the "nagasa" of an Iaito is to measure from the mune-machi to the tip of the blade. So if an Iaito is 2.45 Shaku, it means that the blade is 2.45 Shaku fr
What is the proper way to measure the Iaito's blade length?
The proper way to measure the blade length or the "Nagasa" of an Iaito is to measure from the Mune-machi to the tip of the blade. So if an Iaito is 2.45Shaku, it means that the blade is 2.45Shaku from
Do you offer different balance options for your Iaito?
The balance tends to be quite similar on all our Iaito. Most tsuba have a similar weight. Our Iaito are made in such a way that the point of balance is set further from the kissaki and closer to the t
What is the approximate weight of a 2.45 shaku length Suzaku series iaito?
The approximate weight for Suzaku series Iaito with 2.45 shaku blade would approximately be 810 to 830 g.
Do you have a warranty for your Iaito?
All of our Iaito are made by craftsmen who have spent years training, as such we take a great pride in the quality of our work. To ensure your peace of mind as a customer we offer a complimentary re-w
Can I sharpen an Iaito?
All our Iaito are blunt and cannot be sharpened without doing serious damage to the blades. This is because in Japan the sale of swords is very strictly controlled and only true Nihonto that are certi
I'm looking for an excellent Iaito, any recommendations?
Here are two fantastic Iaito: Suzaku Custom: Tozando Custom:
What your heaviest Iaito?
The Dotanuki Extra Heavy version is the heaviest and probably the thickest among all other Iaito products available from Tozando. A 2.5 Shaku Iaito will weigh approx. 1200 grams, making it 20% heavie
Is it possible to try the iaitos directly in the physical Japanese stores?
It is possible to try them in Kyoto ""Shogoin"" shop but not in Tokyo as they do not have iaitos in stock.
What is the weight of the TOZANDO SUZAKU Custom Iaito length 2.45 Shaku?
TOZANDO SUZAKU Custom Iaito length 2.45 Shaku blade weights around 670 g. The whole sword is around 900 g.
Is there any iaito appropriate for kendo kata?
We do not have any Iaito available directly online that are suitable for the Kendo Kata, however we do sell mogito which are imitation swords that are a lot more robust and suitable for Kendo Kata.