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Can I request to change some features of original iaito?
Yes, we accept modificatios of iaito. Fisrt please inquire us about availability for that model. And when ordering you can leave order comments to notify us of the modifications.
Do I need a license to import Iaito sword to my country?
Because the Iaito sword is declared as an imtiation sword, no license is needed in many countries. However, the UK customer need to obtain the certificate from BKA due to the UK's law.
How do I maintain Iaito sword ?
After each use, clean the blade surface with a soft cloth or a tissue paper by removing dusts, fingerprints and any marks. Wipe the blade upward, one way, starting from the base to avoid any injury.
I have an iaito, so can I buy only Saya?
Yes, we provide saya also as a single item. Please let us know what kind of saya you are interested in from our website. We will give you a quotation. However in order to make sure the new saya fits p
Does your iaito have bo-hi?
Yes. All of our iaito on the website has bo-hi. Howevere no bo-hi option is also available for limited models.
How similar are your Iaito to shinken?
Basically, the Iaito we make are really similar to shinken. The main differences are the material used and the making of the blade: - while shinken blades are made of steel and crafted the same way as
Is it possible to request custom fitted Fuchi/Kashira for my Iaito?
Regarding Silver/Copper colored Fuchi/Kashira and Menuki, itís possible to make these kind of fittings for your Custom-made Iaito, however, it will cost an extra 5000JPY. If you are interested in s
How do I correctly measure the blade length of an Iaito?
The proper way to measure the blade length or the "Nagasa" of an Iaito is to measure from the Mune-machi to the tip of the blade. So if an Iaito is 2.45Shaku, it means that the blade is 2.45Shaku from
What is the proper way to measure the Iaito's blade length?
The proper way to measure the blade length or the "Nagasa" of an Iaito is to measure from the Mune-machi to the tip of the blade. So if an Iaito is 2.45Shaku, it means that the blade is 2.45Shaku from
Can you make Iaito with two Mekugi?
Yes we can. You may specify so in Comments box when checking out the shopping cart. There is no additional cost required.
Can I request adjustments to iaito after I place an order? Would there be any difference in cost?
Yes, it is possible to request adjustments after you place an order, but please note that some adjustments may require additional cost.
Can I order Saya individually? My Saya has been broken.
We supply the Saya individually but because the hole of Saya is adjusted according to the each blade, you may need to adjust it by yourself.
What should I know before buying a Japanese sword?
Before deciding to buy a Japanese sword, I advise you to get familiar with the vocabulary of the Japanese swords as most of the words are in Japanese. The page on Wikipedia about the Japanese sword mo
Can you provide further product details such as measurements prior to ordering?
Yes, please contact us if you need more information on an item that isn't listed.
What if I need to return something?
If you need to return something to us we will need to know the reason why. If you are sent the wrong item or a product is deemed to be defective we will cover the cost of the return shipping and the s
What is the return policy?
Please inform us prior to returning any merchandise for the return authorization. Any used item cannot be returned and/or exchanged. Any customized orders as follows cannot be returned and/or exchange
I haven't received the item I ordered. Are there special shipping restrictions for Russia?
The reason why your parcel was not delivered is because you did not or could not provide the Russian customs with the necessary documents. To import an Iaito to Russia, you need to receive an authoriz
Are all the products on your site eligible for free shipping?
In answer to your question, free shipping only applies to Bogu sets, Bokken, and Iaito as well as some campaign/outlet sales products. When we say "free shipping" it means free shipping for you but in
Why am I unable to view your website?
I can't tell you for sure what's the reason why you can't access our website but the first thing I advise you to do is to clear your cache and cookies from your Internet browser. Another reason could
What is required to use the financing plan?
Regarding the Financing plan, anyone can use this option when placing an order at Tozando. However, it can only be used on orders for Bogu, Iaito or Yoroi and cannot be used on orders for products