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Can I cut something with Iaito?
Although the blade is made of special reinforced alloy, it is not designed for the cutting purpose. Therefore, do not attempt to cut with Iaito.
How is a wide cut measured for a hakama custom set? Will it be too big?
The wide cut isn't directly related to the width of the hakama when you lay them flat on the ground as it is mainly tied to the waist size given as well as the height. If you are worried about the wid
What type of cut is done for male and female kyudo gi?
The male Kyudo Gi usually has a hole in the armpit to increase circulation. The sizing of a female kyudo gi is slightly different, for example, the cut is different so the Gi is shorter and the arms a
Is there any lightweight Tare available
Here are two kind of lightweight Tare: 1) The 4mm Tokuren Tare Specially designed to be light weight using a fukuronui style of edging which trims off the unecessary weight of the herikawa alongsi
I'm looking for an excellent Iaito, any recommendations?
Here are two fantastic Iaito: Suzaku Custom: Tozando Custom:
There is red rust showing on the tsuba of my katana. How can I fix it?
There are two options to remove the red rust 1. Get a deer antler and cut a piece off. Use the cross section to rub the rust. Then polish with oil. It takes time but is effective. 2.Sand it with s