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For shokko customization, how much does it cost and how long does it take?
The cost and time for customizations are done on a per case basis as there are so many factors involved. When you make the order, you can choose this in the Shokko options and we will contact you to d
For using my name in customization, do I have to provide katakana conversion, or are you able to do it?
Yes we can convert your name in to katakana on our side, but guidance is preferred as we may mispronounce your name. Please clearly state that you would like to have your name converted to katakana an
Can I request adjustments to an iaito after I place an order? Would there be any difference in cost?
It is possible to make adjustments to an iaito after an order has been made. However please bear in mind that some elements cannot be changed as the order progresses. Some adjustments will increase th
Is it possible to request custom fitted Fuchi/Kashira for my Iaito?
It is possible to request custom fittings for your Iaito order, but these will increase the production cost. If you are interested in such fittings, when you place an order for your Iaito, please writ
Can I request adjustments to iaito after I place an order? Would there be any difference in cost?
Yes, it is possible to request adjustments after you place an order, but please note that some adjustments may require additional cost.
How accurate are your international currency conversion prices?
Regarding your question, prices listed in foreign currencies on our website are just for reference. Hence the note "for guidance only" under the list where you can change currencies. That said, we upd
Can the Suzaku Iaito blade with 2.45shaku and 8.5sun be made with approximately 1050g to 1100g with or without the groove?
The craftsmen that assemble the Sword states that we do not make swords as heavy as 1100g. Weights can also depend on customization options. If you would like a heavier sword, please choose a brand li