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Do you provide custom embroidery on hakama order?
Yes, custom embroidery is available upon request. Please submit us your artwork in PDF, JPG, PNG or outlined AI format though our contact page .
Do you provide custom embroidery on Aikido hakama?
Yes, custom embroidery is available upon request.
Is it possible to request custom fitted Fuchi/Kashira for my Iaito?
It is possible to request custom fittings for your Iaito order, but these will increase the production cost. If you are interested in such fittings, when you place an order for your Iaito, please writ
Will I be responsible for any customs fees or import taxes?
Regarding the customs fee or import taxes, these depend on the laws of the country you reside in. As we are a company based in Japan, we do not know the specifics of the import laws or tax rates in ot
Is there anything you can do to help lower the high customs import taxes?
We understand your request as many of our customers are complaining about the high import taxes charged by the customs in their country. We have no official policy regarding this matter as it would be
Will I have to pay customs fees for international shipping?
Regarding customs fees, most countries require any parcel that arrives to go through customs and, depending on the declared value, the receiver will have to pay import taxes. Even though we try to avo
Is the Izuna Gongen Haramaki O-yoroi wearable for training? If so, can the sizing be customized?
All of our O-Yoroi armours are indeed wearable. In terms of customising the size, if you add additional measurements we can discuss with our craftsmen about matching the set closer to your specificati
For shokko customization, how much does it cost and how long does it take?
The cost and time for customizations are done on a per case basis as there are so many factors involved. When you make the order, you can choose this in the Shokko options and we will contact you to d
Can you copy someone else's design for my custom order?
Please understand that every design are unique to the customers and cannot be shared nor replicated in their entirety. cDesign inspired by others and made original are possible, please contact us to d
I am interested in placing an order for a basic iaido uniform, however, my waist size is 117cm. Will I need a custom hakama?
Our standard hakama sizes go up to a 95cm waist unfortunately so to make sure you get hakama that fit comfortably and are easy to move in you will need to order a custom pair.
How long does a custom Iaito take to make?
Normal production of a custom Iaito sword can take up to 3 months.
My order is kept by customs/has stay for long time in customs.
Customs are changing constantly and adding new rules and restrictions. We are trying to keep updated and give all the necessary documents needed. In case your order has been stuck on customs or is
Do I need a license to import Iaito sword to my country?
Because the Iaito sword is declared as an imitation sword, no license is needed in most countries. However, UK customers need to obtain a certificate from the British Kendo Association due to the UK's
How do I contact you?
You can call us on using the following phone number: +81-7-5384-1768 We will have a English speaking representative on standby, Monday to Saturday 9.00-18.00 JST, on all business days. You can al
How is a wide cut measured for a hakama custom set? Will it be too big?
The wide cut isn't directly related to the width of the hakama when you lay them flat on the ground as it is mainly tied to the waist size given as well as the height. If you are worried about the wid
For using my name in customization, do I have to provide katakana conversion, or are you able to do it?
Yes we can convert your name in to katakana on our side, but guidance is preferred as we may mispronounce your name. Please clearly state that you would like to have your name converted to katakana an
Is it possible to pick up a product directly in store on a visit to Japan to avoid customs?
Of course, you can always choose to pick up your product at our store, just select the ""In store pick up"" option when you are selecting shipping method and leave a note on the ""order notes"" on the
I would like custom embroidery in Japanese. How would I send that request?
Our system currently accepts only English characters for submission. So when you place your order, please email us with an image of the Japanese characters or kanji you'd like embroidered.
The Tozando website keeps glitching when I try to select custom options. What should I do?
If you are having problems with the website, try to use a different browser.
Can I place a custom order outside of the listed options for a product, such as sword length?
There are times where special requests can be granted, but to maintain the integrity and quality of products, usually the options already listed on product pages are all that we are able to honor.