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I plan to visit Tozando and want to pick up my order. Tell me how?
When checking out the shopping cart, please choose "in-store pick up" in the shipping and write your visiting day in Order Comments box. We will get back to you then for more details.
Can you repair my Kendo Bogu?
We certainly can. There are always several Bogu-expertising craftsman standing by at Tozando Bogu workshop. Regardless of where you got your Bogu from, we repair it. The repair fee differs from the de
Is it possible to embroider on Pants other than Hakama?
Yes. Embroidery on pants is available. Please refer to this webpage.
How similar are your Iaito to shinken?
Basically, the Iaito we make are really similar to shinken. The main differences are the material used and the making of the blade: - while shinken blades are made of steel and crafted the same way as
I sent an email but didn't receive a response.
Due to security reasons, we can not reply to e-mails from e-mail addresses that are not the registered e-mail address of the account user. If you have problems with your old address, please change the
Are all the products on your site eligible for free shipping?
In answer to your question, free shipping only applies to Bogu sets, Bokken, and Iaito as well as some campaign/outlet sales products. When we say "free shipping" it means free shipping for you but in
What should I know before buying a Japanese sword?
Before deciding to buy a Japanese sword, I advise you to get familiar with the vocabulary of the Japanese swords as most of the words are in Japanese. The page on Wikipedia about the Japanese sword mo
What is required to use the financing plan?
Regarding the Financing plan, anyone can use this option when placing an order at Tozando. However, it can only be used on orders for Bogu, Iaito or Yoroi and cannot be used on orders for products
How do I check the status of my order?
To check the status of your order online, visit: