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Are your bokken finished with lacquer?
Our bokken is finished with lacquer. If you would like your bokken order without lacquering, please specify so when ordering. No additional cost is required for unlacquering option.
Do you sell wooden oodachi or nodachi?
Large bokuto are not available as a ready-made product, but it would be available as a custom-made product. Check the link below for more information.
How do I maintain Bokken?
Wipe the surface of the Bokken with a dry and soft cloth after each use. Once every couple of months, you may apply a very small amount of natural oil; such as camellia oil, walnut oil, or even vegeta
I plan to order a bokken. Can you give me information on the manufacturers? What is Miyakonojo?
Miyakonojo refers to an area in Kyushu where there are several traditional workshops located that make wooden weapons for martial arts. There are four in total and we work closely with three of them:
I would like a bokken engraved with my name. How can I order this?
We provide engraving option for bokken. It is charged 150 JPN per character and two colors; balck and red are available. If you leave order comments when filling in the order form, we will revise your
My bokken split along the edge. Is there any way I can repair this?
First of all we recommend to keep a bokken in a cool and not severly dry or damp place. And if it is a slight split, you can just sandpaper the edge until the surface becomes smooth. However it won't
What bokken do you recommend for contact training?
Regarding your question, if you intend to use the bokken for contact training, we would recommend that you use bokken made from Red or White Oak. The denser and more solid the better, so White Oak is