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How similar are your Iaito to Shinken?
Last Updated: 2018-07-18
We strive to make our Iaito as close to Shinken as possible. The main differences are the material used and the making of the blade. Shinken blades are made of steel and crafted the same way as they were made centuries ago. Iaito blades are made of a zinc-aluminum alloy and craftsmen, nowadays, use the help of forging presses to make the blades.

All the other parts (tsuba, menuki, saya, kojiri, etc...) are made the same way. In addition, the mounting and the tsuka wrapping follow the same traditions.To summarize, our custom made Iaito will look very similar to a real shinken but will of course feel different when holding it due to the weight difference (due to the use of different materials as explained above) and due to the fact that our Iaito blades are dull and cannot be sharpened.

You can place an order for a custom made Iaito via the following page:

For a shinken, please visit the following page:

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