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What Are My Payment Options?
Last Updated: 2019-10-08
Tozando can accept payment from international customers with the following methods:
Credit Card: We accept payment via VISA, MasterCar and American Express credit cards for international customers. Payments using VISA and MasterCard are mostly processed automatically at the time you check out your shopping cart. However, American Express cards unfortunately has to be processed manually by our staff.
Paypal: We offer secure payment via Paypal for all our international customers. Paypal does not require you to register an account to pay, as you can choose to pay using your credit card without registering on the payment page. Your payment is trackable and secure, also sometimes Paypal work a bit more smoothly than the regular Credit Card method, so if you are experiencing any problems, you might want to try using Paypal instead.
Wire-transfer: We accept payments for amounts more than US$500.00 via Wire-transfer/International Bank Transfers. Please note that Wire-transfers can take up to 3 weeks to confirm. So for payments less than US$500.00 we suggest that you use another method for a smoother experience. Please use the following information to process your transfer:
Name of Bank:Bank of Kyoto
Branch Office:Head Office
Address of Bank:Yakushimae-cho, Karasuma-Dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Japan
Type of Account:Ordinary Account
Account #:446292
Account Holder:Tozando Kimura Takahiko
International Postal Money Order: We accept payments with Postal Money orders for all international customers. The necessary documents are available at your local post office. Please note that Postal Money Orders can take up to 3 weeks to confirm. Please send your payment to the following address:
Tozando International
451-1 Shinhakusuimaru, Kamigyo-ku
Kyoto City, 602-8205 Japan
*We also offer payment in installments using Credit Card, Paypal or Wire-transfer with our Tozando Financing Plan

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