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I'm looking for an excellent Iaito, any recommendations?
Last Updated: 2018-08-31
Here are two fantastic Iaito:
Suzaku Custom:
Tozando Custom:

The Suzaku feels most like a shinken compared to other Iaito in heft and when cutting, but the Tozando Custom has more options regarding blade length, hamon options and other visual aspects.
Most importantly it has options for lighter or heavier blades depending on the length.
However with 2.4 shaku as the stated length we cannot provide a heavier option than previously said.

That being said the Suzaku Iaito at 2.4 shaku in length with your choice of fittings and customisations is the best choice.  
It is balanced to feel as close to a shinken as possible and also features a traditional shinken hi groove which gives it an excellent sound.

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