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Kyudo, Kendo and Aikido Hakama
Last Updated: 2018-07-18
Regarding the difference of Kyudo, Kendo and Aikido Hakama, firstly, the Kyudo Hakama are different depending if the wearer is a male of female. The Obi/Himo for female Kyudo Hakama is almost double the thickness of the male one, this is to give the impression that it's worn higher than normal. Besides this, the Kyudo Hakama is traditionally black and is made of lighter materials, such as Tetron. The back pleats are three and the "koshi-ita" or back plate is soft, not raised, and goes all the way across the waistline to the open parts at the sides of the hips. The side openings of the Hakama are also wider as well as deeper/longer (so the keiko-gi is also long, almost to the knees); and the crotch area is longer (lower).

Compared to this, the Aikido Hakama are usually made with Tetron or Cotton and worn in navy or black depending on the style of Aikido practiced. The Koshi-ita is stiff, but still flexible and as a standard, the front part of the Hakama is a bit shorter than the back.

Lastly, traditional Kendo Hakama are usually made with Indigo dyed Cotton making them much heavier and are a bit wider at the bottom, to give a more dignified impression. The Koshi-ita is harder and stiffer than that of a Aikido Hakama and the Kendo Hakama also comes with a plastic spoon or a "hera", which is used to secure the back of the Hakama to the Obi/Himo that are tied around your waist. Aikido Hakama does not have this as they have to take falls during practice and would get hurt if they landed on the hera.

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