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Compared with other martial arts, choosing the correct uniform makes more of a difference to winning or losing a competition in judo, since the way your hem and collar can be grabbed during keiko training and shiai competition makes all the difference. The collar in particular needs to be highly durable, so be sure to choose gi that has sturdy stitching.
All the judo gi we sell at Tozando meet judogi regulation requirements and we carefully select judogi with superior durability and fit in mind. If your gi is too big, it gives your opponent extra area to grab, and if it is too small it is difficult to perform agile movements. Be sure to select the right size as it will highly impact the outcome of a competition.
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"HOKODOME" JUDO UNIFORM SET! Single-Layered Judo Gi/ Pants/ White Obi Set Mitsuboshi 'REIGEAR' C-Class - High Grade Pure Cotton Double Weave Judogi
Mitsuboshi 'REIGEAR' L-Class - High Grade Lightweight Double Weave Judogi

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