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Kyudo is the art of Japanese archery originating from Kyujutsu that was practiced by the Samurai warriors of feudal Japan. Kyudo is practiced in many Japanese schools and it's not uncommon for high schools to have a Kyudo club. It is also practiced internationally with over 130,000 graded members registered with the International Kyudo Federation. Here at Tozando, you can find high quality Kyudo equipment such as Japanese Yumi bows and Ya arrows, Kyudo Gi and Hakama and all you need to practice Kyudo!

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Giriko Powder Case Giriko Powder Case
Our Price: 800.00
Makiwara Ya Duralumin Makiwara Ya
Our Price: 1,500.00
Rattan Tsurumaki Rattan Tsurumaki (Large)
Our Price: 1,800.00
Tsuru Tsuru (Syntetic/Hemp)
Our Price: 1,900.00
Gomu Yumi Gomu Yumi
Our Price: 2,900.00
Deluxe Gomu Yumi Deluxe Gomu Yumi
Our Price: 3,900.00
Tetron Kyudo Gi Top Tetron Kyudo Gi Top
Our Price: 4,000.00

Cotton Kyudo Gi Top Cotton Kyudo Gi Top
Our Price: 4,200.00

Duralumin Ya 4 Pieces Set Duralumin Ya 4 Pieces Set
Our Price: 13,000.00
Standard Yugake Glove Standard Yugake Glove
Our Price: 25,000.00

Glass Fiber Graphite Yumi Glass Fiber Graphite Yumi
Our Price: 39,000.00
Rattan Ya carrying case Rattan Ya Carrying Case
Our Price: 43,900.00
Deluxe Yugake Glove Deluxe Yugake Glove
Our Price: 49,800.00
Carbon Fiber Graphite Yumi Carbon Fiber Graphite Yumi
Our Price: 59,000.00