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Karate is one of the most well known Budo in the world and with Karate being a official sport starting the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, it's sure to become even larger! Here at Tozando we offer the highest quality Karate Equipment from famous brands such as Shureido and Tokaido among others, many of who provide only premium made in Japan quality products, and are well known both in Japan and internationally. Karate Gi, Karate Obi or anything related to Karate, you can find right here!

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Nunchaku Carrying Bag Tonfa Carrying Bag Shureido Standard Obi Belt
Nunchaku Carrying Bag
Our Price: 1,600.00
Tonfa Carrying Bag
Our Price: 1,650.00
Shureido Standard Obi Belt
Our Price: 2,200.00

Isami Color Obi ISAMI JAPAN - Deluxe Shin and Instep Protectors Shureido Deluxe Obi Belt Black BS
Isami Color Obi
Our Price: 2,700.00
4.21 Shaku Red Oak Jo 8-bu (24mm) Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo
Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo
Our Price: 4,500.00

4.21 Shaku White Oak Jo 8 Bu (24mm) 4.21 Shaku Jo White Oak 8.5 Bu (25mm) 4.21 Shaku Red Oak Jo 1-sun (30mm)
4.21 Shaku White Oak Jo 1 Sun (30mm) 5-Shaku Bo Red Oak
Ken O Unbleached Karate Gi Set Isami White/ Red Obi Mizuno Katsuragi-ji Twill Karate Gi set
Isami White/Red Obi
Our Price: 6,900.00
4.21 Shaku Octagonal White Oak Jo 1 Sun (30mm) 6-Shaku Bo Red Oak 8-Bu (24mm)
6-Shaku Bo Red Oak 8-Bu (24mm)
Our Price: 7,500.00

Ken O Bleached  Karate Gi Set 6-Shaku Bo White Oak 8-Bu (24mm) Shureido Deluxe Obi Belt Red and White BRW
Ken O Bleached Karate Gi Set
Our Price: 7,900.00
6-Shaku Bo Red Oak 9-Bu (27mm) Tokaido Traditional Style Karate Gi TKD Ken O #11 Canvas Karate Gi Set
"Ken-O" Canvas Karate Gi Jacket Black HKB 6-Shaku Bo White Oak 9-Bu (27mm) ISAMI JAPAN - 'Pounding' Gloves
6-Shaku Bo White Oak 9-Bu (27mm)
Our Price: 9,500.00