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Animus - 8mm Cross-stitch Kendo Bogu

Excellent protection combined with a perfect fit

The cross-stitch of the Animus creates a lattice of protection that forms to your body.

The Animus is a bogu designed first and foremost to protect you. It achieves this through a combination of its broad 8mm stitch-width and thick cotton futon. Often heavy duty bogu can be quite uncomfortable, but the Animus's cross-stitch futon prioritises user comfort by allowing the futon to mould to your body and move with you - ensuring a perfect fit.

Sewn to 8mm intervals the Animus's futon is thick and protective.

The tighter you stitch a bogu the stiffer and more compressed its futon becomes. This is why the Animus uses an 8mm stitch width - the broad stitches provide plenty of room for the futon to expand allowing the core material to absorb impacts and create a sturdy and thick futon. Also, because it is less stiff it compliments the fit of the bogu and allows the futon to move with you, not against you. When you compare the cross-stitch of the Animus to a regular stitched futon you can feel the difference immediately.

Instead of protective bands found in regular machine-stitching (left), a cross-stitch futon (right) has a grid of protection, allowing the whole futon to absorb strikes.

The cross-stitch creates a lattice across the futon which allows several parts of the futon to absorb the blow instead of only those points that were struck. An additional benefit is that it increases the pliability of the futon - this lets it mould to your body comfortably, improving the fit. Combined with a broad stitch-width, the cross-stitch futon will move with the user allowing them to make unrestricted movements. The Animus both protects you and supports your movement - you should not have to sacrifice maneverability for protection or vice versa.

Traditional quality brough to modern bogu

You can see how the Animus cross-stitch (centre) resembles hand-stitched bogu (right) compared to a regularly stitched futon (left).

The cross-stitch method is derived from the traditional hand-stitch pattern used for making the first bogu. Whilst cross-stitch uses a machine, it brings many of a hand-stitched bogu's qualities with it. First and foremost, is the durability of the futon without sacrificing its pliability. With the Animus you can have the best of both worlds.

Even though the futon of the Animus is thick, it forms to your body and allows for comfortable movement into positions like sonkyo.

The Animus's connection to bogu of the past continues with its core materials. Like all high-quality bogu, it is made from genuine indigo-dyed cotton canvas and edged with actual deerskin, also dyed indigo in the traditional manner. These great materials provide an amazing tactile response and solidity to the bogu. This not only informs its performance as a piece of protective equipment, but allows you to feel comfortable in your own movements. These materials have been used in bogu crafting since the early days because they provide great comfort and long term durability. The Animus is a bogu built to last and travel with you along your kendo journey.

The futon is pliable and form-fitting, but edged with high-quality indigo deerskin to ensure longevity of use.

All these factors combine to create a sturdy and dedicated bogu that exemplifies kendo shugyo: an immoveable spirit dedicated to hard practice. When you wear the animus you can feel the difference to standard machine-stitched bogu immediately.
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Commitment to quality materials and construction

The Animus is crafted to feel natural to wear and use.

Many bogu nowadays are made with modern materials. For some, it is so they can decrease the weight for a specific purpose, like performance in shiai or acessability for kendoka with special requirements. Sometimes inferior materials are used to reduce the cost, this is ok if you are looking for an introductory piece of equipment, but when buying something that will last you don't want any corners to be cut. The Animus was designed to provide a high quality bogu through its fundamental qualities and the use of traditional materials.

Parts like the ago and heri-kawa are made of genuine indigo-dyed deerskin instead of artificial substitutes.

All of the herikawa that lines the futon and the ago that protects your throat are made from genuine indigo-dyed deerskin. This material is durable and luxurious, with the Animus you know you are getting bogu that has been built using traditional materials and is intended for life-long use.

By using deerskin-tenouchi for the kote palms the Animus provides excellent feedback for tenouchi and kamae.

By using high quality materials and following traditional construction methods the Animus is a durable bogu that also performs. Not only will it accompany you through years of practice, its comfort allows you to proactively face whatever keiko throws at you. We stand by its quality with our bogu warranty, confident in our choice of materials and craftsmanship.

High Performance derived from a traditional foundation

As a practitioner you need bogu that you can rely on; your bogu is as much your partner in keiko as your opponent. The Animus is ready to be your partner, protecting you from whatever strikes come your way and lasting the test of time. Kendo is a lifelong practice where you hone not only your body, but also your spirit. Push both of these to the next level with the Animus and embark on a new journey of discovery.
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