About Tozando

Established in 1989, Tozando is a leading Japanese martial arts equipment manufacturer providing high quality Budo suppplies worldwide, including Bogu sets, Hakama & Gi, training swords, and more.
On top of producing our own high-quality products, Tozando also owns world-renowned brands such as Mitsuboshi to offer Budo practictioners the very best equipment available.
After successfully building a solid reputation as the go-to international online shop for Japanese martial arts over the years, today Tozando earns praise from high-ranking professionals, and is regularly approached by media producers to provides Bodu equipment for movies and musicals.

Tozando offers the very best to customers by providing:

  • High quality standards
  • Professional english-speaking support
  • Wide product variety

Tozando Team & Partners work together to bring you the highest quality products

Tozando is an industry leader, producing and supplying high-quality products trusted by martial arts professionals across the world. We work with Budo experts and master craftmen to bring you the best quality product available.
Tozando products, many of which come from our own factory, undergo heavy durability tests to ensure that our commitments to quality are strictly maintained. A strong combination of knowledge and experience means that every Tozando staff member, from the marketing department to customer support, contributes to improving our ever-growing product catalog.
Items are custom-sized to perfectly suit users' needs, and may also be personalized with embroideries in katakana or kanji, as is common practice in the Budo culture.

Dedicated customer support online and offline

We guarantee a fast, affordable, safe delivery.
We offer customer support in English, Japanese, French and Chinese. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you might have, and a Tozando representative will assist you as soon as possible by phone or email.
And if you happen to be in Japan, be sure to stop by one of our three main retail stores in Kyoto or visit our Tokyo showroom to try and test our products for yourself! Our vendors and craftsmen will always be available to give advice and help you choose the product best suited to your needs.

A wide range of products available

Tozando provides a extensive variety of supplies for all Budo practitioners of Kendo, Iaido, Aikido... Find exclusive Tozando-manufactured equipment as well as high-end products from prestigious brands like Mitsuboshi.

We also sell Japanese items strongly tied with Bushido culture, such as antique Japanese swords, and Shinto artifacts for a complete immersion in traditional Samurai Japan.
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