Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak - Updated 2020-06-26

We want to reassure our customers that we are remaining operational amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and are taking strict measures to ensure the safety of our staff and the efficacy of our service.

To implement social distancing and safeguard the helath of our staff we have begun a rotating shift for all our staff. This means that half of our staff will be working at any one point in time, whilst staff that can work from home will do so. This means that our responses to inquiries may be a little slower, shipments may also be slightly delayed. We really appreciate your cooperation during this difficult time and thank you for your continued support!
Due to the varied situtations for every country international shipping may be affected in your area. We are in constant communication with our couriers DHL and UPS to keep you updated so you can order with confidence. Please refer to the information below, we will keep this updated and publicise it on Facebook and in our weekly newsletter.
DHL is currently delivering Internationally, but with some delays as local offices and service points can be closed - please double-check the address and contact details you provide so DHL can easily contact you and arrange a safe delivery.
Currently UPS is still operating and delivering as normal, but there are some delays in delivery time. Due to the rapidly developing situations worldwide we will keep communicating with UPS to keep this information up to date. Please make sure to verify your address and contact details so UPS can arrange a safe delivery for you.
JP Post has recently begun to slowly reopen shipments to a select range of countries, primarily in Europe and East Asia. Unfortunately this lsit is not set and is updated frequently. Moreover the large backlog of international mail means that shipping delays via this method will continue to be severe. This means that we are still providing shipping only though UPS and DHL at this point for new orders. However previous orders that had to be shipped by EMS that have been on hold are now being shipped out. Thank you so much for your patience and udnerstanding in these difficult times.
You can also order safe in the knowledge that due to the prevalent means of transmission being respiratory, there is no sanitary risk of infection from surface transmission from our products. The distances of shipping involved, combined with our hygienic work practices means catching Covid-19 from shipped products to be extremely unlikely.
Our staff are taking measures to protect themselves; most are not in high risk areas and are exercising the current precautions recommended by the government. Unless something significantly changes with the situation, we will continue to take orders and ship your packages to the ebst of our ability.
Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch! Stay safe and healthy!