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Tozando HV Mengane - get the first strike!

Developed and designed by our experienced craftsmen through the input and guidance of practicing Kendo sensei, athletes and practitioners - our exclusive HV Mengane is now available across several bogu and individual men. The increased field of vision, granted by its ingenious design, gives you a much clearer view of your opponent; whilst still abiding by the All Japan Kendo Federation's safety regulations.

By showing you more of your opponent than ever before, not only does the HV Mengane increase your comfort, but it also lets you pick up on more opportunities and makes reading your opponent's movements easier than ever before.

Get hold of one of our new bogu or men that incorporate this fantastic feature and see the difference for yourself!
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A-1 Alpha Mk.II Kendo Bogu Set A-1 Alpha Mk.II - 6mm Orizashi Kendo Bogu Set
Our Price: $719.99
Sale Price: $499.95
You save $220.04!

A-1 Alpha Bioclean Mk.II Kendo Bogu Set A-1 Alpha Bioclean Mk.II - 6mm Tet-knit Kendo Bogu Set
Our Price: $910.99
Sale Price: $728.79
You save $182.20!