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Shinsakuto Quote Form
Choosing your sword for cutting practice from Shinsakuto or Gendaito is strongly recommended because not only will using an antique decrease its value but it will be difficult to find something suitable for your physique and level of skill. >>>Read more
In particular, if you purchase a shinsakuto, we make it to order, so you can specify your desired length and weight, as well as the curvature and width of the blade. In order to become a qualified Japanese swordsmith, one must study under the guidance of a Master Swordsmith for 5 years and also complete practical training organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. As such, you can rest assured that you are purchasing nationally recognized genuine masterpiece when you buy our made in Japan swords. There are imitation products floating around on the market that appear to be the same, however if you are practicing the traditional Japanese martial arts, you should use a genuine Japanese sword crafted at the hands of a certified swordsmith and made with Japanese steel.

Advantages of Buying Shinsakuto

Shinsakuto are newly crafted Japanese Samurai swords. The advantages of buying Shinsakuto include:
  • Mint or excellent condition
  • Blade length is usually longer than those of antiques', which is more suitable for Iaido and cutting exercises
  • No need to worry about the authenticity. Shinsakuto are 100% authentic
  • Can be made to order. You can specify length, weight, fittings and the personalized inscription on the tang
  • The swordsmith's personal message can be made available upon request
All Shinsakuto ordered from Tozando are crafted by nationally recognized Masters of Japanese Cultural Arts - an honor and award issued by the Japanese government. We at Tozando are offering the extensive lineup of Shinsakuto, both off-the-shelf and custom order swords. The custom order Shinsakuto is crafted to your exact specifications in accordance with tradition. Please note that the custom-made Shinsakuto prices usually starts from approx. US$7,500.00.
Please note that some of the swords listed on this page are also on display in our stores, so first come, first serve applies. If the sword you wanted to buy is already sold, we will gladly try to find something that is to your satisfaction from our sources, so please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!