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The following is a letter of thanks to Tozando from Duy-san, the winner of 'Win a trip to Japan V'
You can see pictures of Duy-san's trip here on our Facebook Page!

Belated Thanks to International Team at Tozando

Hi Everyone!

First off all, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope
that everyone is doing well.

I must apologise the late response as I have been occupied since returning
from Kyoto. There was a kendo competition the weekend after, and many
end-of-year commitments to attend to in work and life.

Nevertheless, the memory of my trip is still very fresh and I will never
forget the kindness and hospitality showed during my time there. This trip
was absolutely perfect in that I could experience kendo and learn from so
many different practitioners.

I am very grateful for the time that Yu Bo, Gavin and Donatella spent with
me. Thanks to Yu Bo for guiding me around and taking all the wonderful
photos. Thanks to Gavin for showing me the accommodation and helping me
around Omi-maiko. Thanks to Donatella for taking me to Budotuken and the
police station for Keiko. I very much enjoyed dinner with the team on that night and
had so much fun (it was great to meet Shodo as well). Thank you guys!

I also especially thank Mr. Yamamoto for the opportunity to come to Japan to
not only experience the Kendo and culture but for the chance to meet the
Tozando team in person.

My bogu arrived shortly after I returned, and I have been happily using
this daily since then.

I am looking forward to do more business with Tozando in future and hope to
continue this strong relationship in the years to come.

Kind regards,

Duy Pham

Winner of Win a trip to Japan IV