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5 of 5 Quality is great, feels very balanced. May 7, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from United States  
This iaito is very well  balanced. All the fittings are tight, although there is a slight sound when it goes into the saya. This may go away with more use. I like the slightly heavier feel of this iaito and look forward to practicing with it.

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5 of 5 Excellent Iaito that feels like a Nihonto March 27, 2013
Reviewer: Felipe from São Paulo, SP Brazil  
Been using this iaito for 2 years, time will give the koshirae a nice antique look but most important it won't become loose.

The exclusive ryugo tsuka with silk ito is very comfortable to hold.

The most unique aspect of this iaito it's the blade, it's very thick and weights 980g (2.45 shaku) with the koshirae mounted, the balance is well distributed across the blade and it feels excellent for its weight, it's easy to make big perfect cuts with this iaito and it won't wobble in the air like some lighter iaitos, the kissaki is much more pointy and sharp than other iaitos, it looks much better and produces a nice cutting sound in the air.

Overall this is a excellent quality iaito designed for somebody who wants a iaito that feels like a Nihonto, it's expensive but it will last for years, however I don't recommend it for someone who is new to iaido because of it's weight, unless you already tried your classmate's standard iaitos and feel you want something more heavy and realistic.

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5 of 5 great as expected July 6, 2012
Reviewer: Petr Hoffmann from Praha 7, Prague Czech Republic  
After two months of intensive practice I can say it is a perfect sword for me. I wanted something heavier than many of my classmates own, something more like my teacher's live-blade sword hand-made in Japan. Though his one is even slightly heavier, regarding the overall feeling I can say they are quite close to each other. I ordered the silk version, the touch is very pleasant (be prepared it will get very dark, though, also when it gets wet, the feeling know that feeling..:-), however, I don't like the skin so I went with the silk). The blade is well balanced as far as I can say.

BTW before I lent a sword from my teacher - and it was a many years old one from Tozando as well :)

Overall, I'm very happy to order my first iaito from Tozando. And particularly to have this one despite it's higher price. When I first saw it I actually know this is something I can consider to be connected with my soul. Should I buy something else, I would be thinking about it forever :-)

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5 of 5 Quality Iaito March 30, 2011
Reviewer: Ianis Abtroun from Gentilly, Val-De-Marne France  
The balance of this Iaito is most excellent   , the weight is satisfactory since i was weary of a too light Iaito , here it's closer to a real blade's  feel   .

The  quality of the fittings is first rate , everything is tightly assembled  and sober ,  i'm really delighted to have purchased this Iaito  and can only advise people to do so as it exceeded my expectations  .
Thank you Tozando

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5 of 5 Beautifully built July 11, 2010
Reviewer: Aaron Simpson from Victoria Australia  
This was my first iaito purchase.  Tozando's customer service was excellent, the iaito arrived well within the stated time of three weeks and they answered every question the same day.
The iaito is perfectly made and, to be honest absolutely beautiful. The saya, toshin, tsuka wrap and fittings are faultless and I am very happy with the quality.
The iaito feels weighty, and a little tip heavy which some may not prefer but I am very happy with my first iaito ! Thank you.

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5 of 5 Superb Iaito July 21, 2008
Reviewer: Richard Kovacs from UK - Yorkshire  
This sword is absolutely amazing, very well built, good balance and I like the weight of it.
I have never seen such a beautiful sword like this.
Well done Tozando :)
it was worth every penny.

Richard K.

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