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OUTLET - 2.32shaku Hijikata Toshizo Koshirae (for decoration only)

OUTLET - 2.32shaku Hijikata Toshizo Koshirae (for decoration only)

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Full length: approx. 105cm
Blade length: 70.5cm (~2.32Shaku)
Tsuka length: 25cm (~8.2sun)
Groove: No groove (Kanesada replica)
Tsuka: Reproduced Plastic Same wrapped with Black Rayon (synthetic silk)
Tsuba: Alloy Hijikata Tsuba
Fuchi/Kashira: Alloy Dragon pattern
Kojiri: Hijikata
Saya: Inden-style Shu-nuri (Crimson)
Sageo: Black Rayon

Weight: approx. 1210grams
Weight without Saya: approx 950grams

*Please note that this replica sword is not appropriate for use in Iaido. We recommend this sword mainly for decoration or cosplay
Also note that the blade can not be sharpened.

This product is proudly made in Japan Free Shipping

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Hijikata Toshizo (May 31, 1835 - June 20, 1869) was the deputy leader of Shinsengumi, a small-built and talented Japanese military leader who resisted the Meiji Restoration.

In 1863, he and Kondo Isami formed the Shinsengumi. Kondo and two other men, Serizawa Kamo, Niimi Nishiki became joint leaders of the group, and Hijikata served as one of the deputy leaders. Shinsengumi served as a special police force in Kyoto that fought against the Reformists under Matsudaira Katamori, the Daimyo of Aizu.

The regulations set up by Shinsengumi within Kyoto were strictly enforced and Hijikata was known to be harsh in enforcing them with his sword, the Kanesada, hence his nickname: "The Demon of the Shinsengumi". Even within the Shinsengumi itself, regulations were strictly enforced by Hijikata. Deserters and traitors were forced to commit seppuku; this happened to Yamanami (one of Hijikata's old friends) when he tried to leave Shinsengumi in 1865.

After Kondo surrendered to the Imperial Loyalist Army and was executed on May 17 (lunar calendar April 25) 1868, Hijikata led Shinsengumi on their final battles against the new government. After a time in Aizu, he went to Sendai, where he joined up with Enomoto Takeaki's fleet. In Hakodate, he was made a vice-minister of the Army in the new Ezo Republic. He knew he was fighting a losing battle, and told the physician Matsumoto Ryojun that "I am not going to battle to win. With the Tokugawa government about to collapse, it would be a disgrace if no one is willing to go down with it. That is why I must go. I will fight the best battle of my life to die for the country".

On June 20, 1869, he was killed near Hakodate, while in combat on horseback by a bullet that shattered his lower back. It is unknown where he was buried, but a memorial gravestone stands near Itabashi Station in Tokyo, next to Kondo Isami.

The death poem that was entrusted to Ichimura Tetsunosuke shortly before Hijikata's death read:

"Though my body may decay on the island of Ezo, My spirit guards my lord in the east."

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