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Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Deerskin Kendo Bogu Set MINE

Mitsuboshi Fit-stitched Deerskin Kendo Bogu Set "MINE"

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Don't look down on this Bogu because it's a Fit-stitched Bogu, this Bogu Is made with highest quality Indigo-dyed Futon and Deerskin, completely produced in Japan, in the Tozando Iwate Factory.

The 6mm fit-stitched Futon is made with a wider type of stitching to allow thicker padding for extra protection. "MINE" brand Bogu are not especially made for Shiai, or even for Keiko, they can be used for everything, a true multi-purpose type of Bogu that are true to tradition. The Futon in this Bogu is padded in the traditional way, and while it takes a while to get accustomed to, allows for a much better fit, thanks to it's excellent flexibility.

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This product is proudly made in Japan
Made proudly in Japan

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Product Code: SET752

General Specs

Shokko Design*:


Ago Design*:


Do Size*:

Mune Kazari Design*:


Around the Chin (A)*:

Around Forehead(B)*:

Height of Eyeline (C)*:

Length of Palm (D)*:

Around the Palm (E)*:

Your Height (G)*:

Your Waist (K)*:

Size Consideration:

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Mitsuboshi is a longstanding brand in the domestic Japanese market, founded in 1953, it is one of the oldest large Budo equipment makers around! Although maybe not very well known internationally due to their limited exposure overseas, they are known for high quality brand products such as the "MINE" brand Kendo Bogu among others.
Mitsuboshi is part of the Tozando Group since early 2015 and can now be considered to be one of Tozando's sub-brands.

This Bogu is made by Mitsuboshi and part of their famous "MINE" brand Kendo Bogu series. the "MINE" brand series are not particularly made for Shiai or Keiko, they are made with the basic logic that a Bogu should be usable in any situation. This Bogu is made by the most skilled craftsmen at the Tozando Iwate Factory with this in mind.

The Futon of this Bogu is made very sturdy, perhaps even enough to make you wonder if it's not too hard at the beginning, but we have padded the Futon in a way to allow it to, with enough time, slowly adapt to your head and body, so that it can provide a unbeatable sense of fit once you have grown accustomed to it. Both the Men and Kote features extra padding for added protection.

Both the Futon and the Deerskin are made in Japan and dyed using the highest quality Bushu Indigo-dye giving the Bogu a very deep indigo color. The Deerskin is very smooth and the Smoked deerskin used for the Palm of the Kote will form to your grip making it easier to grip and swing your Shinai. Both the knuckle and the joint of the Kote is extra padded for better protection, and although our craftsmen usually prepares and soften up the Bogu slightly before shipping it to our customers, the Kote for this Bogu will be a bit stiffer in the beginning, compared to Kote with less padding.

We often hear from our customers that ""MINE" Bogu are very light", however, in terms of weight it's not that much different from many other Bogu. Making a Bogu that is not light, feel very light, this is the magic of wearing a Bogu that truly adapts to your body.

  • 6mm Fit-stitched Genuine Bushu Indigo-dyed Futon with extra thick padding
    Genuine Indigo-dyed Deerskin Men Kazari and Ago
  • Durable and light IBB Duralumin Mengane with superior balance
  • Cotton Uchiwa inside the Men for comfort and breathability
  • Genuine Indigo-dyed Deerskin Urakawa
  • Deluxe quality Kurozan Mimikawa
    Onigumo Kazari Mune
  • Deluxe quality Kurozan leather on Mune
  • 50pc Black Do base
    Genuine Indigo-dyed Deerskin fist stuffed with Deerhair
    High Quality Smoked Deerskin palm
  • Flexible wrist
  • 5-line braid decoration on Tare
    Gunomezashi stitching on Tare for extra durability
  • Reinforced with Genuine Indigo-dyed Deerskin Kazari/Herikawa

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