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You must have a zekken when you participate in competition or demonstrations. At Tozando we offer three types of zekken, and will make to your custom order upon request. The most affordable option is the heat-press type, with cut-out letters affixed by heat to the zekken. It is relatively inexpensive and popular with students.

The embroidered type has your name embroidered directly into the fabric. It has a very neat and clean look and has been the most demanded option over the years.

The Clarino option is constructed with lettering cut out from man-made leather and sewn into the fabric, creating a 3-dimensional effect. It looks great and has excellent durability.

At Tozando we have the equipment to create each type according to your specific needs, so we can make your zekken in the design of your choice, and can include flags and so on according to your preference.
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Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken (Tare Name Bag) Tozando Kendo Zekken Print-on (Tare name bag) Tozando Kendo Clarino Zekken (Tare name bag)
Tozando Kendo Embroidery Zekken with Flag (Tare Name Bag)

Personalized Zekken and Nafuda custom made to order

Shipped worldwide direct from Japan. Shop Tozando for superior quality martial arts gear.