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Tozando offers Kendo gi and hakama sets. At Tozando we have many 7th-dan practitioners as well as ranked practitioners, who have used their specialist knowledge and experience to recommend sets specifically suited to beginners and intermediate level practitioners. When choosing a set, you should think about the individual products as well as the materials.

For beginners, considering the amount of training and care required for your gear, we recommend fast-drying polyester or synthetic fabrics. At Tozando, practitioners actually use and test all products and materials so you can rest assured that you are choosing a great product. Based on the texture and feel of the weaving, if you want an authentic item we suggest indigo dyed hakama and gi.

When you wear it the dye may run, however this is a characteristic of the material as it creates a unique texture and at the same time leads to a sense of attachment. For those who are reluctant to have an item with this attribute, then there are products where the indigo is color-fixed, so please try those.
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Persimmon-Dyed Cotton Kendo Gi & Hakama Set Tozando Deluxe Indigo-dyed #6000 Cotton Kendo Uniform "UME" Tozando Indigo Dyed Cotton Kendo Uniform "TAKE"
TOZANDO Polyester Kendo Uniform Set The ideal set for all Kendo beginners at any age, by Tozando! Neo-Knit Fabric actively moisture-wicks during keiko keeping you lightweight and fresh as long as possible.
TOZANDO Complete Kendo Beginners Set
List Price: $770.95
Our Price: $634.55

Vixia - Polyester Kendo Gi and Hakama Set
List Price: $180.11
Our Price: $126.00


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