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Kendo Uniform Sets

A kendo uniform is comprised of a gi (top) and hakama (bottom), and at Tozando we carry many different gi and hakama kendo uniform sets. Both gi and hakama come in two types: cotton and synthetic fabric. Cotton is the most commonly used, but synthetic fibers dry faster, are more color-fast, and don’t shrink. >>>Read more
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Persimmon-Dyed Cotton Kendo Gi & Hakama Set Tozando Deluxe Indigo-dyed #6000 Cotton Kendo Uniform "UME" Tozando Indigo Dyed Cotton Kendo Uniform "TAKE"
TOZANDO Deluxe Indigo-dyed #6000 Cotton Kendo Uniform UME
Our Price: $126.40
Sale Price: $101.12

TOZANDO Deluxe Indigo-dyed #10000 Cotton Kendo Uniform TAKE
List Price: $198.00
Our Price: $178.20

TOZANDO Polyester Kendo Uniform Set Neo-Knit Fabric actively moisture-wicks during keiko keeping you lightweight and fresh as long as possible.
Vixia - Polyester Kendo Gi and Hakama Set
List Price: $180.11
Our Price: $150.00

Cotton uniforms are good at absorbing sweat and many gi and hakama are made from cotton. However, cotton is prone to shrinking, and indigo dyed Japanese kendo uniforms can fade or bleed. On the other hand, like a pair of well-worn jeans, the fabric can take on the individuality of the user the more it’s worn. We recommend cotton for examinations and synthetic fibers for practice or beginners.
Cotton uniforms that are dyed with indigo have a great look and can make a good impression during examinations, so it’s a good idea to have at least one in your wardrobe. Cotton uniforms can also be dyed with things like persimmon and plants and are good for those who are allergic to synthetic dyes or have atopic eczema. They can also have a relaxing effect.
Kendo uniforms made from synthetic fibers are quick drying, and you don’t have to worry about fading or bleeding. Because of this they’re good for beginners and students, or for those who want to practice every day or are practicing during the summer.
Because they are relatively inexpensive, its easy to purchase several so that when you have to practice every day you don’t have to worry about laundry. Recently they have been growing in popularity in Japan to use for practice as there are cool designs (some even appear to be quilted!) and after washing they dry very quickly even when hung indoors.
At Tozando, our craftsmen who are highly trained in making Japanese clothing carefully construct the gi and hakama at our own workshop. They don’t just simply sew, they take special care to match the fabric and thread and make each piece using Tozando’s special sewing techniques. We are also able to custom make gi and hakama to give you a better look and fit.