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The criteria for choosing a shinai or bokken for practice usually depends on what you want to work on. These are derived from three main categories: endurance, speed, and correcting technique.

If you want to build endurance and increase arm strength, you should focus on weight. There is a large assortment of products, from accessories to use with your existing shinai to heavier-weight shinai, bokken to use with one hand, and many more.

To work on speed and making a clean strike, a koto-style shinai, with the weight balance centred further forward, is effective for striking practice to keep your shoulders relaxed.

To correct technique, the best thing to do is to learn from watching your teachers and seniors (senpai), but for when you want to work on your technique at home, we recommend "men-nari". It will let you know if you are using correct technique from the impact sound.
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Leather Grip Suburi Bokken Red Oak Regular Suburi Bokken Red Oak 3.8 Shaku 3.8 Shaku Oar Shaped Suburi Deluxe Bokken
Shinai Shape Suburi Bokken 3.9 Shaku Musashi's Oar Shape Bokken Suburiko
Musashis Oar Shape Bokken
Our Price: $160.00
Our Price: $13.20

Extra Heavy Suburi Shinai[6 staves] Heavy Suburi Shinai Smoked Bamboo Suburi Shinai
Heavy Suburi Shinai
Our Price: $80.95
Suburi Shinai for One Hand Octagonal Shape Furibo Short Leather Grip Red Oak Bokken Deluxe
Suburi Shinai for One Hand
Our Price: $62.75

Regular Suburi Bokken Red Oak 3.5 Shaku Regular suburi Bokken White Oak 3.5 Shaku Regular Suburi Bokken White oak 3.8 Shaku
Octagonal Shape Furibo 2.5kg Oval Shape Suburi Bokken Octagonal Shape Furibo Short Heavy
Octagonal Shape Furibo 2.5kg
Our Price: $250.00

Oval Shape Suburi Bokken
Our Price: $61.40

Deluxe Octagonal Kuro Nuri Black Suburito Leather Grip Suburi Bokken Isu 3.7 Shaku Deluxe Kuro Nuri Black Suburito
Leather Grip White Oak Deluxe Bokken Extra Heavy Short Suburi Shinai - Furisen Magnum
Men-Nari Compact Suburi Shinai OUTLET - Deluxe Kuronuri Suburito 3.8shaku OUTLET - Deluxe Kuronuri Suburito 3.5shaku
Men-Nari - Compact Suburi Practice Shinai
List Price: $136.40
Our Price: $113.65

OUTLET - 50% OFF! Deluxe Kuronuri Suburito 3.8shaku
Our Price: $90.95
Sale Price: $45.50

OUTLET - 50% OFF! Deluxe Kuronuri Suburito 3.5shaku
Our Price: $81.85
Sale Price: $40.95


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