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Through ordinary use, your shinai will incur scrapes and get dirty. It may also get damaged during training, so it is recommended to have extra accessories on hand. There are 5 types of replaceable parts for your shinai: tsukagawa grips, tsuru strings, sakigawa leather tips, sakigomu rubber tips, and nakayui leather middle straps. In addition, you should also use a rubber anti-slip sheet to stop your hands from getting hurt. We have assembled a full set, with one of each item, as an easy choice for beginners to get started.
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Shinai Tsuru String Shinai Tsuka Rubber Standard Shinai Furnishing (Ginshikumi)
Tsuru String
Our Price: $0.40

Shinai Tip Senshin Basic Shinai Furnishing (Tokoshikumi) Deluxe Shinai Tip Leather
Deluxe Nakayui Leather Deluxe Shinai Furnishing (W Shikumi) Shinai Tip Sakishin
Deluxe Nakayui Leather
Our Price: $2.20

Shinai Tip Sakishin
Our Price: $0.35

Basic Shinai Tsukagawa Leather Standard Shinai Tsukagawa Leather Deluxe Shinai Tsukagawa Leather

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