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Kendo Shinai & Bokken

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African Ebony Deluxe Grooved Bokken with Tsuba Deluxe Loquat Bokken Long
Deluxe Loquat Bokken Long
Our Price: $1,045.50
Itto Ryu Bokken White Oak Short
Standard Grooved Bokken Red Oak Yakumaru Jigen Ryu White Oak Bokken
Yakumaru Jigen Ryu Red Oak Bokken
Keishi Ryu Bokken Red Oak
Our Price: $51.40
Tatsumi Ryu Bokken
Our Price: $117.75
Kurama Ryu Bokken Red Oak Aikido Bokken White Oak Aikido Bokken Red Oak
Kurama Ryu Bokken Red Oak
Our Price: $75.00
Aikido Bokken White Oak
Our Price: $68.20
Aikido Bokken Red Oak
Our Price: $58.20
Red Oak Tanto White Oak Tanto Leather Grip Suburi Bokken Red Oak
White Oak Tanto
Our Price: $27.30
Tetsuboku Bokken Deluxe Long Camellia Deluxe Bokken Long Camellia Deluxe Bokken Short
Plastic Saya Regular Suburi Bokken Red Oak 3.8 Shaku 3.8 Shaku Oar Shaped Suburi Deluxe Bokken
Plastic Saya for Bokken
Our Price: $26.40

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Shinai is a bamboo practice sword used by Kendo practitionners for sparring training, whereas the Bokken, a wooden Japanese sword, is more often used to get the feel of a real sword, during kata practice for example. The durability of Shinai and Bokken depends not only on the level of proper care and usage, but also on the materials involved. Tozando uses Japanese raw materials exclusively, imposing tight quality control to ensure maximum safety and durability