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When choosing a bogu bag, you should decide by capacity. It is useful if you can fit not only your bogu, but also hakama and gi uniform. A small bag might be more convenient to carry, but a big "do" might not fit inside, so check what size bag you need before purchasing.

Once you have checked the size you can select a design or style that you like, but remember that there are various options, from traditional drawstring bags to carry bags on castors to wheel your gear around easily. If you're travelling by plane or train then a wheel-type bag might be a viable option, however if you are a student going to the dojo by bicycle, then a backpack is probably the way to go.
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PVC Kendo Bogu Carrying Bag Tie-Dye Canvas Bogu Bag Light Weight Compact Bogu Bag
PVC Kendo Bogu Carrying Bag
Our Price: $171.85

Tie-Dye Canvas Bogu Bag
Our Price: $153.20
Light Weight Nylon Bogu Bag With Side Pocket Nylon 3-Way Bogu Bag Nylon Extra Wide Bogu Bag
Nylon 3-Way Bogu Bag
Our Price: $53.65

Aluminum Bogu Storage Box Travel Bogu Bag Enamel Boston Bogu Bag
Aluminum Bogu Storage Box
Our Price: $200.00
Travel Bogu Bag
Our Price: $90.00

Enamel Boston Bogu Bag
Our Price: $132.60
Genuine Leather Boston Bogu Bag Deluxe Genuine Leather Boston Bogu Bag Name Embroidery for Bags
Name Tag Embroidery for Bags
Our Price: $15.00

Deluxe Light Weight Bogu Bag ALABESK Nylon Color Bogu Rucksack PVC Kendo Bogu Wide Bag
Nylon Color Bogu Rucksack
Our Price: $33.80

PVC Kendo Bogu Wide Bag
Our Price: $132.60

Tozando Original Hello Kitty Canvas Bogu Bag Tozando Original Hello Kitty Nylon Bogu Backpack Tozando Nishijin Custom Brocade Bogu Bag
Kanmuri Winning Compact Bag Kanmuri Winning Bogu Carrier Bag Kanmuri Winning Bogu Backpack
Kanmuri Winning Compact Bogu Bag
Our Price: $145.30

Kanmuri Winning Bogu Backpack
Our Price: $180.95

Tozando Kendo Bogu Backpack Cotton Shobu Bogu Bag Deluxe Eagle Logo Bogu Bag-Black
Cotton Shobu Bogu Bag Deluxe
Our Price: $20.50

Eagle Logo Bogu Bag
Our Price: $55.70
Extra Big Canvas Bogu Bag Extra Big Synthetic Leather Bogu Bag Brown Canvas Bougu Bag Small
Extra Big Canvas Bogu Bag
Our Price: $50.95
Brown Canvas Bogu Bag
Our Price: $23.30

Nylon ALABESK Bogu Carrier Extra Big Clarino Boston Bogu Bag Deluxe Clarino Boston Bogu Bag

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