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Tozando Custom Workshop Jo/Bo 4.21 Shaku Red Oak Jo 8.5-bu (25mm) 4.21 Shaku Jo White Oak 8.5 Bu (25mm)
TOZANDO Custom Workshop Jo/Bo
Our Price: $40.95

4.21 Shaku White Oak Jo 8 Bu (24mm) 5-Shaku Bo White Oak 1 Sun (30mm) 5-Shaku Bo Red Oak
6-Shaku Bo White Oak 1 Sun (30mm) 4.21 Shaku Red Oak Jo 8-bu (24mm)
Even in Okinawa-style karate, old-fashioned Japanese swordsmanhip and aikido, sticks and canes made from Japanese evergreen wood are used. The canes and rods can be used in thrusting and striking motions for varied attacks that are difficult to predict by your opponent.