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Isami White/ Red Obi Isami Color Obi
Isami White/Red Obi
Our Price: $62.75
Isami Color Obi
Our Price: $24.55

The color of the karate belt signifies the level of a practitioner's strength; however, the classification can differ depending on the martial arts organization to which the competitor belongs. Belts also come in different kinds of materials, such as Katsuagi which is easy to tighten, or Shuzi fabric which has a satin like texture and can be used similarly. There is also a sturdy Yohachi fabric, which is of a fine silk-like quality. Since Tozando carries many colors, please consider the following guidelines to be sure you are ordering the proper belt:
4th kyu or less: White
1-dan to 5-dan: Black
6-dan to 8-dan or 7-dan: Red and white
8-dan or 9-dan to 10-dan: red
(Classifications may vary further depending on the country)