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Jigen Ryu Bokken Red Oak

Jigen Ryu Bokken Red Oak

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This product is proudly made in Japan
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Made proudly in Japan

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Our Jigen Ryu Bokken is made to the exact specification of the style and available in Japanese white oak or red oak.

What is Jigen Ryu?

Jigen Ryu was created by Tougo Tobei Shigetaka, who was originally a Shinkage-Ryu based Taisha Ryu Swordsman belonged to Satsuma clan.
After learning and succeeding the style called Tenshin-sho Jigen Ryu from a monk called Jigensai Itto Jiichibo, in Kyoto. He combined the best of both schools to create Jigen Ryu. The style is characterized and easily distinguished from other kenjutsu styles by famous stance known as Tonbo-no Kamae or "dragonfly ". Lightning fast and powerful Kesa-giri (diagonal cut) delivered from Tonbo-no kamae was very much feared during the end of Edo period. Blocking was considered useless when attacked by Jigen Ryu swordsman and there are records of dead bodies with the tsuba (guard) or the blade of the sword driven into their own head !!
Kondo Isami who headed the group of expert swordsmen called Shinsengumi, himself being a Tennen Rishin Ryu headmaster, is said to have strictly ordered the members to avoid Jigen Ryu first strike at all cost.
The style is also known for its rigorous training method, known as Tachigi-uchi which means "standing tree strike" literally. Jigen Ryu practitioners were said to strike the tachigi for well over thousand times every single day, to perfect first strike so he never needs a second.
The style soon became an official style(Oto-me waza) of Satsuma clan and teaching the style to those who do not belong to the clan was strictly prohibited. The style has been passed through Togo family for well over 400 years by now, and is currently headed by Tougo Shigetoku. Jigen Ryu based style called Yakumaru Jigen Ryu or Nodachi Jigen Ryu also exists and is being practiced today.
  • Made of high quality Japanese Red Oak
  • All handmade by Japanese expert craftsmen
  • Made in Japan
  • Total length: 101.5cm (approx. 40")
  • Blade: 75.5cm
  • Handle: 26cm
  • Weight: Approx. 620 grams

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