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A characteristic of the Iaito is that it is made with premium quality, reinforced non-ferrous alloy and as such does not rust easily. However, the galvanized plating of its surface is sensitive to liquids, so if it gets wet from sweat you should wipe it dry with a soft cloth.
After using your Iaito in practice, it is recommended to wipe the blade with a small amount of choji oil and a soft cloth made from absorbant cotton, Japanese tissue or tissue after training. You should also carefully wipe the metal fittings (around the tsuba guard, fuchi kashira, etc.) with the blade oil infused cloth. Note that too much maintenance may have the opposite effect and cause the plating to peel or damage the sword, so please take caution.
For safety reasons, be sure to check that the tsuba is firmly in place and the tension of the tsuka-ito wrap and mekugi peg have not come loose before or after use.
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