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Iaido Personalization

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Name Embroidery on Koshiita Name Embroidery on Hakama Name Embroidery on Left Chest
Name Embroidery on Koshiita
Our Price: $18.20

Name Embroidery on Left Chest
Our Price: $16.40

Name Embroidery on Left Sleeve Name Embroidery on Gi Jacket Border Tail Kamon(Family Crest) Embroidery
Name Embroidery on Left Sleeve
Our Price: $16.40

Kamon/Family Crest Embroidery
Our Price: $16.40

Custom Laser Engraving (for Bokken & Jo) Name Embroidery for Bags Iaido Gi Uchi Himo Attachment Service
Name Tag Embroidery for Bags
Our Price: $15.00

Custom Kamon Laser Engraving High Precision Kamon Print Tozando Iaido Clarino Zekken
High Precision Kamon Print
Our Price: $45.50


Order Iaido Personalization Service - Budo Martial Arts

Customize your Iaido Gi with professional embroideries, which are free for selected areas. Tozando also offers beautiful custom laser engravings for your Iaido Bokken/Jo. Our staff members will translate the wordings of your choice if necessary. Choose among a large choice of fonts, sizes, and colors!