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Iaito bokken are used by beginners and non-ranked practitioners in iaido, before training with an iaito sword. While they are not intended for direct strikes, you should buy a bokken that is fairly solid and strong. Keeping in mind good weight and balance, we recommend bokken such as white oak or sunuke (Japanese "isu no ki"). More expensive bokken are furthermore robust, however due to their higher price and quality material are considered more suitable to purchase for ornamental purposes, rather than for use in practice.
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African Ebony Deluxe Grooved Bokken with Tsuba Leather Grip Suburi Bokken Red Oak Plastic Saya
Plastic Saya for Bokken
Our Price: $26.40

Leather Grip Red Oak Bokken Deluxe Sunuke Deluxe Bokken Long with Tsuba Sunuke Deluxe Bokken Short with Tsuba
Leather Grip Suburi Bokken Isu 3.7 Shaku Leather Grip White Oak Deluxe Bokken Standard Kuronuri Black Daito with Leather Grip
Tozando Custom Workshop Bokken Red Oak Bokken with Wooden Saya Limited Edition - Aramaki Striped Ebony Bokken
TOZANDO Custom Workshop Bokken
Our Price: $59.10
Sale Price: $59.10

Red Oak Bokken with Wooden Saya
Our Price: $227.30


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