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1.5bu Hand-stitched Jissengata Deerskin Kendo Bogu Set HIKARI

1.5bu Hand-stitched Jissengata Deerskin Kendo Bogu Set "HIKARI"

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"HIKARI" model hand-stitched Kendo Bogu is a high quality model made with #11,000 Indigo-dyed cotton with 1.5bu hand-stitch, featuring high quality indigo-dyed deerskin reinforcement and elegant decorations. This Bogu is perfect for intermediate or advanced Kendoka who wants a hand-stitch Bogu but don't want to wait for it. The Bogu great for Shiai, but can also be used for regular Keiko.

This Bogu set is the only hand-stitched model that we have in-stock, meaning that you won't have to wait 3 months for it, but usually we will be able to ship your Bogu within a week! Please note though that if a certain size is not in-stock it might take up to 2 months to prepare, so feel free to provide us with your measurements and ask us about the current stock status before placing your order!

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Our Price: $2,045.50

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: SET701

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NOTE: 8 Shaku Men Himo are usually attached using 1x30cm Men Chichikawa

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The Tozando 1.5 Hand-stitched Jissengata Deerskin Kendo Bogu "HIKARI" model is very popular at retailers all over Japan. By the experienced hands of our craftsmen, the Bogu has been refined to make it even lighter and easier to use, while keeping proper protection in mind.

Without compromising the important protection of the Menbuton at the top, we have used 1.2bu Nanamezashi hand-stitching for the Mendare to make it lighter and by also making it shorter, the stress of the shoulders and arms are minimized. Also by using the Tozando IBB D-PRO Mengane, we can keep the Men as a whole light and ideally balanced making the Men feel very light to wear and move around in.

To make it easier to hold your Shinai, we have made the Kote with 1-line Namako and 2-line Kazari. We have also made Kote futon of the right-hand Kote 10% thicker to provide better protection.

The Do is a light and durable 50/60pc Yamato Do, the pieces varies on the size of the Do.

The Tare is decorated with high quality indigo-dyed leather that has been hand-stitched onto the Futon and features Gunomezashi stitching.

Bogu Features

- 1.5bu hand-stitched Bushu Indigo-dyed #11,000 Cotton Men Futon
- Deluxe Indigo-dyed Deerskin Heri/Fuchikawa and Kawakazari
- 1.2bu hand-stitched Naname-zashi on Mendare
- 21cm short Mendare for easier movement
- Genuine Kurozan leather Mimikawa
- Lightweight and durable IBB D-Pro Mengane
- Indigo-dyed Deerskin Ago with 5-line braid decoration and Noukon (dark navy) Gobanzashi Shokko

- 1.5bu hand-stitched Bushu Indigo-dyed #11,000 Cotton Kote Futon
- 10% thicker padding on the hit zone of the right Kote
- Deluxe Indigo-dyed Deerskin reinforcement
- Flexible wrist
- Supreme quality smoked Kotou Deerskin Palms
- 1-line Namako with 2-line Kazari

- 50pc/60pc Black Yamato Do base
- Deluxe quality Kurozan leather Mune
- Onigumo Kazari on Mune with Noukon Gobanzashi Shokko

- 1.5bu hand-stitched Bushu Indigo-dyed #11,000 Cotton Tare Futon
- Deluxe Indigo-dyed Deerskin reinforcement
- 6-line braid decoration on Tare
- Gunomezashi stitching on Tare panels

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